How to Plan Routing for IPv6

What routing and network planning considerations should you keep in mind to prepare for IPv6? These tips take you through different examples of ways to divide up IP space under IPv6.

By Andre Kostur on July 2, 2015

DHCPv6 Provisioning

With the advent of IPv6, many of the concerns about device provisioning in DHCPv6 mirror those in DHCPv4. This document aims to map the provisioning details of DHCPv4 into the DHCPv6 world.

By Andre Kostur on March 26, 2015

2-Minute Penalty for Using Too Much Data

Your subscribers are now spending more time accessing real-time entertainment online than anything else. In fact, more than 63% of the online data accessed is some form of real-time entertainment — Netflix alone accounts for over half of that. The problem?

DHCP Options in Plain English

Every day, different forms of configuration information passes between devices via a number of different mechanisms and protocols, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multiple protocols that govern this communication exchange. In networking, the main forms of configuration data transfers occur using DHCPv4 options, DHCPv6 options, and Type/Length/Value (TLV) objects, the latter of … Continue reading “DHCP Options in Plain English”

By Andre Kostur on May 18, 2013