2018 Predictions for Communication Service Providers

Happy new year to all the Incognito blog readers. This year, we’ve partnered with our friends at Light Reading to publish my annual industry predictions article. What lies ahead for service providers in 2018? Follow the link to find out my thoughts on Artificial Intelligence, Network and OSS upgrades, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Cloud Computing: … Continue reading “2018 Predictions for Communication Service Providers”

Broadband Providers: What Are The Implications of Virtual Reality?

Broadband service providers take note, personal virtual reality (VR) platforms are going to reshape the industry sooner than you think. We’ve seen a constant stream of VR-related news coming from major industry tradeshows, online broadband publications, and even broadband CEO blog posts. I’ll try to generalize their comments succinctly: personal VR platforms are expected to … Continue reading “Broadband Providers: What Are The Implications of Virtual Reality?”

How Could Changes to Net Neutrality Rules Affect Broadband Providers and Their Subscribers?

Net Neutrality regulations within the United States have been a topic of much debate over the past decade, and it’s recently come to the front page of major news outlets again. With a new FCC chair in place, and already some Internet regulatory changes being pushed down the pipeline, broadband providers and subscribers alike are scrambling … Continue reading “How Could Changes to Net Neutrality Rules Affect Broadband Providers and Their Subscribers?”

What Exactly is Quality of Experience, Anyway?

We’re always talking about the importance of the customer experience and measuring quality of experience (QoE), but what exactly does this mean? A recent Incognito poll of service providers highlighted that measuring subscriber QoE can be tricky, since it can be difficult to determine exactly what subscriber QoE refers to. The survey indicated that:

By Stephane Bourque on May 3, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Incognito Community Exchange

The annual Incognito Community Exchange (ICE) event is less than 2 weeks away! Have you registered yet? This year’s conference promises to be our best one yet, with a full schedule of presentations and panels on vital industry topics such as NFV, SDN, CCAP, DOCSIS 3.1, IPv6 transition, and FTTx provisioning solutions. If that alone … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Attend Incognito Community Exchange”

How Much are You Losing to Internal Fraud?

Think your organization is exempt from in-house network abuse? Think again. A CFCA Global Fraud Survey of communication service providers found that dealer fraud was one of the top five methods of fraud, costing $US 3.35 billion annually. In this scenario, customer service representatives (CSRs) or administrators with access to account information may upgrade friends … Continue reading “How Much are You Losing to Internal Fraud?”