2015: A Year of Innovation and Improvement

Isn’t it incredible how quickly time seems to pass us by? With each passing year, the excitement circulating within the broadband industry seems to grow exponentially. This excitement has a wonderful way of invigorating change and inspiring the many different players within the communications space: from telco and cable providers, to leading industry organizations, to … Continue reading “2015: A Year of Innovation and Improvement”

9 Things to Remember when Launching FTTH Services

There’s more to deploying fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services than just making an infrastructure investment. As service providers shift strategies to fiber technology to accommodate an all-IP landscape where bandwidth consumption rates continue to rise, one constant remains: the need to provide a great quality of experience (QoE).

Are Service Providers Ready for IPv6

Worldwide, the transition to IPv6 has begun — but just how ready are communication service providers for this change? ARIN recently joined regional Internet registries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific in exhausting public IPv4 addresses. Globally, this means that the number of remaining public IPv4 pools available for service providers to hand out … Continue reading “Are Service Providers Ready for IPv6”

By Stephane Bourque on September 1, 2015

Why Traditional Customer Service Models Just Don’t Cut It: Part 1

Customer care is changing quickly in the broadband world. Today’s subscribers expect issues to be dealt with immediately and can be driven away by long wait times or multiple inquiries for the same issue. Clearly, substandard service is not good enough — but fast issue resolution involving phone calls and truck rolls can be expensive. … Continue reading “Why Traditional Customer Service Models Just Don’t Cut It: Part 1”

Professional Services: Committed to Your Success

Key industry trends — like SDN, NFV, vCPEs, CCAP, TR-069, bandwidth congestion management, and converged service orchestration — are set to change the way communication service providers maintain operations throughout the world. With such constant change, keeping up-to-date and understanding all the latest innovations is starting to become a full-time job. And let’s be honest … Continue reading “Professional Services: Committed to Your Success”

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences

In last week’s blog, we discovered the importance of customer experiences. We learnt that great customer experience not only keeps revenue flowing, it’s actually an efficient way to strengthen your incoming revenue stream. In the 2014 American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, ISPs scored lower than all other related industries. Don’t let this be an indication … Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences”