Benefits of a Service Repository: Faster Service Configuration and Improved Subscriber Tracking

In the current environment of fast evolving market demands, service providers must be able to react quickly when deploying new services or they risk playing catch up with their competition. Subscribers will always want new dynamic service options as fast as possible, and having the ability to configure service offerings from an OSS platform within seconds ensures that operators are providing a high quality of experience.

Using a centralized interface to quickly configure and deploy new services ensures that your subscribers have access to the newest service options on the market. You can hasten time to market by simplifying processes for creating new services with configurable intuitive service definitions in your OSS platform.

Enabling these service definitions up front, including the definition of parameters and action triggers, gives your subscribers more flexibility over their new service options. With quick configuration of new service offerings, operators also gain numerous benefits including:

With this rich service repository of parameters and actions, service providers are now able to feed other elements in the network, for instance those that lack the capability to send activation updates when required with this data. This further reduces a manual stage in the service process, leading to reduced operational expenditure.

This highly configurable repository creates a new source of subscriber information that service providers can leverage and query to help troubleshoot and support customer care. Thus, helping to keep subscribers happy and leaving them more to time to enjoy the new services that are being launched.

Service providers must be able to quickly offer and activate new services to ensure they remain competitive in this increasingly open and on-demand landscape Learn more about hastening new services time-to-market by contacting us.