Decreasing New Services Time-to-Market with SDN and NFV

Fast internet concept

What are the easiest ways to add new services to an existing subscription? For subscribers of the service-orchestrated operator, the future looks bright. In fact, the future appears to be in the subscriber’s control.

One fundamental benefit of the operator network, facing the subscriber becoming more programmatically controlled through Software Defined Networking (SDN), is the introduction of ‘anything as a service’ (XaaS) concepts.

For instance, with a commercial virtual private network (VPN), there really is no need to deliver Internet termination and routing on either of the VPN-served customer premises. This function can now be virtualized and delivered from within the operator’s network at the subscriber’s demand.

This basic Network Function Virtualization (NFV) concept is actually an incredible benefit for both the subscriber and their service provider. The subscriber is in control of their Internet services, not limited by the capacities or features of a physical box on their premises. Instead, they can customize their services from a self-care web page. The operator can remove costly end routing equipment in terms of support and capital costs, in addition to delayering the IP network topology and simplifying the network edge.

The subscriber wins at every turn here with vastly improved self-care and dynamic service subscription ability. The operator wins with higher subscriber quality of experience and increased retention metrics.

Continue the story and find out what it takes for operators to leverage SDN and NFV to drastically increase service velocity.

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