Deliver First Class Subscriber Service with TR-069

I’ve spoken before about the benefits of a full-service TR-069 solution. Although this technology has been around for a few years now, I’m really excited about its potential to benefit the end user, your subscriber. And after all, the goal should always be to deliver a high quality of service and keep your customers happy.

TR-069 allows you to offer a level of service that is comparable to the difference between economy and first class on flights. This technology allows you to preemptively judge the needs of your subscriber and quickly resolve issues for a smooth user experience.

The difference is that instead of champagne and hot towels, TR-069 offers you the ability to see beyond the subscriber’s gateway and remotely manage customer-premises equipment. Why is this so important? As home networks become more complicated, subscribers may find themselves frustrated by issues related to multiple devices and network configuration. TR-069 takes away the hassle for subscribers by enhancing the role of the customer service representative (CSR). Under TR-069, CSRs can monitor networks and take advantage of improved diagnostics capabilities to streamline troubleshooting and more easily pinpoint and solve problems that may be affecting the subscriber’s network.

From a business perspective, you can increase revenue streams by rolling out TR-069 enabled services, such as IPTV or VoIP. TR-069 also allows you to automate processes that were once complicate, such as device configuration and firmware updates. This means faster service for the customer and lower support costs for you. Everybody wins.