Give Network Administrators A Zero-Impact Firmware Update Solution

Struggles with the firmware update process are well known by Network Administrators in the cable industry. The copious tasks required to complete an end-to-end firmware update are painstaking and error-prone, often making the investment not worth the time it takes to complete the work. These manual tasks generally include:

That’s already a handful of manual processes, but imagine doing that over and over for hundreds to thousands of devices, many from different vendors, each with its own unique device update path! Clearly, this complex challenge needs a solution.

Future-thinking network operators are starting to employ automated firmware management solutions that significantly ease the firmware update process to not only save money but also to decrease the work required by the Network Administration team. This frees up internal resources so that more time can be spent on other vital administrative tasks.

Operators of any size experience more streamlined operations after deploying these solutions, but selecting the best one for your organization can be a challenge. How can you tell which firmware management solution is the best fit? Look for solutions that go beyond simple update automation to resolve each of the challenges identified above. The best firmware management solution will perform the following actions without manual intervention:

Selecting a solution that can automate each of these steps will help any cable company save costs, free up resources, and reduce the impact on the Network Administration team. Learn more about gaining zero-impact firmware updates with automated processes in the Incognito fact sheet. Or, get in touch with one of our firmware solution experts by contacting us today.