How Can You Eliminate the “Swivel Chair” Effect?

What’s the one thing holding you back from growing your business?

It’s easy to point the finger at the competition, or changing subscriber habits; however, one of the biggest problems facing communication service providers today is pretty simple.

Slow, “swivel-chair” service fulfillment based on siloed data — it’s a nightmare for rolling out new services quickly and can lead to order fall-out, which frustrates your subscribers. In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to be able to accelerate new revenue opportunities by easily activating new service packages, limited time offers, and promotions.

Centralizing service orchestration eliminates the need to work with multiple touchpoints and slow, manual processes. By using a service fulfillment solution that integrates directly with provisioning and billing, you can more easily bring paying customers online and develop potential new revenue streams.

Learn more about centralized service activation in this complimentary white paper Eliminate the Swivel Chair in Universal Service Activation  or feel free to contact us for more information.