Integrating your Business to Streamline Service


Modern-day subscribers demand rapid service from their providers. Unfortunately, manual intervention is typically required at multiple steps throughout the service fulfillment process. Cumbersome mechanisms surrounding activation, device configuration, troubleshooting, and communication with billing departments can cause significant delays.

To minimize these interruptions, and meet the subscriber’s demand for expeditious service, providers turn to single open APIs.

An open API integrates and automates processes that would otherwise impact speed and complexity of service rollout. Once data is pre-loaded into an automated service activation and management center, end-to-end device installation is a seamless operation. Administrators can add system utilities and user portals for both BSS and OSS groups, facilitating the integration of disparate business units to hasten service delivery.

CSRs can also access CPEs remotely to solve issues or transfer update packages. This reduces the need for expensive in-home service visits, while speeding up the time it takes to resolve issues.

Integration through a single open API results in service rollout and device management becoming more efficient, and subscriber requests promptly delivered.

Watch our “Hasten Service Rollout” video to learn more about utilizing open API to streamline service:

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