Service Order Management — Part 2: Capturing and Validating The Order

In the first article of the Service Order Management Series, we explored what questions to ask and what steps to follow when offering your subscribers a set of services. Now, we’re going to look at capturing and validating an order.

Order Capture

To capture an order, we need to capture the subscriber details and their product choices. Subscriber information is extremely valuable when growing a business, as targeting subscribers for new orders is best accomplished when the offer made is based on their previous product and service choices.

Similar to offering services, order capture sounds relatively straightforward, but it may involve the integration of a number of components, including:

Once we’ve captured the correct information from the subscriber, we need our systems to validate the order.

Order Validation

The next step is to validate the order, which involves:

Validating the order may involve integration to the following components:

Now that we’ve captured and validated our subscriber’s order, we need to allocate resources and activate services. These critical processes will be covered in the next article.