Service Order Management — Part 4: Installation and Activation Validation

In the first three articles of the Service Order Management Series, we’ve completed a number of steps along the process, including:

Next, we need to install equipment and validate the activation of services.


An installation engineer may be required to do a device installation for any new subscriber. Installation will generally be a manual process but can go one of two ways:

Installation may involve integration of the following components:

Activation Validation

It always pays to ensure that services are working as expected. That’s why activation validation is such a critical step; it can be the difference between building a strong relationship with a new or existing customer, or creating a quality of experience issue that may eventually lead to subscriber churn.

Service assurance steps will differ depending on the service type, for example:

Activation validation may involve integration of the following components:

At this point, our subscriber’s services are functional. In the next article, we’ll look at how to handle errors along the order management process.