2018 Predictions for Communication Service Providers

Happy new year to all the Incognito blog readers. This year, we’ve partnered with our friends at Light Reading to publish my annual industry predictions article. What lies ahead for service providers in 2018? Follow the link to find out my thoughts on Artificial Intelligence, Network and OSS upgrades, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Cloud Computing: … Continue reading “2018 Predictions for Communication Service Providers”

Zero-Touch Provisioning… Really?

Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) — whatever does that mean? Of course, it is another marketing term. I think the term “closer to zero touch provisioning” is probably a better term but CTZTP, as opposed to ZTP, is a bit more of a mouthful. Whenever I hear terms that I’m not familiar with, I get struck by … Continue reading “Zero-Touch Provisioning… Really?”

Decreasing New Services Time-to-Market with SDN and NFV

What are the easiest ways to add new services to an existing subscription? For subscribers of the service-orchestrated operator, the future looks bright. In fact, the future appears to be in the subscriber’s control. One fundamental benefit of the operator network, facing the subscriber becoming more programmatically controlled through Software Defined Networking (SDN), is the … Continue reading “Decreasing New Services Time-to-Market with SDN and NFV”

Virtualizing the Gateway – How CSPs are revolutionizing the network edge

In the Great SDN Expectations blog, the first in a series discussing the technologies of the future service network, we introduced the basic constructs of what Software Defined Networks mean to the platforms at the heart of the Communication Service Provider (CSP) network today. SDN itself represents a deconstructed view of current switching and routing … Continue reading “Virtualizing the Gateway – How CSPs are revolutionizing the network edge”

5 reasons why you should adopt NFV for your CPEs

Communication service providers around the world are about to embark on an epic journey. A journey which has the potential to be a major game changer for hardware and software vendors alike. The simple concept of decoupling software from hardware, referred to as network functions virtualization (NFV), promises to improve an operator’s ability to differentiate … Continue reading “5 reasons why you should adopt NFV for your CPEs”

By Pete Koat on September 15, 2015

vCPE: The Turbo Button for Your Legacy Gateways

In my last blog, we explored the advantages of virtualizing network and gateway functions to reduce CAPEX and OPEX using virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE). But this raised a new question: Should service providers virtualize the entire network and gateway, or is it better to adopt a hybrid approach? Additionally, how long should you wait … Continue reading “vCPE: The Turbo Button for Your Legacy Gateways”

Will NFV be the Hero We Need?

As the industry focuses on improving service offerings for today’s discerning customers, service providers have been turning to the industry community to offer technological solutions that address the problem of shrinking ARPU and increasing OPEX and CAPEX demands.

The 4 Major Drivers for Investment in NFV

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been driving the industry to develop agile solutions that abstract physical hardware from their solution platforms. With this technology, they hope to commoditize service functions to increase service agility and reduce the capital required to achieve better and more efficient service.