Building a Healthy Service Network

As year-over-year bandwidth consumption continues to grow rapidly — with global fixed-internet petabyte consumption per month being estimated to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32% from 2010-2015 — forecasting future service requirements is becoming an increasingly complicated job. When building a healthy service network, capacity planners need an accessible way to identify … Continue reading “Building a Healthy Service Network”

Does Bandwidth Activity Reporter 2.0 comply with trending legislation reform?

The issue of Internet privacy and free access IP-policy has been a prominent topic in mainstream media for more than half the year. During all the debates and legislative reforms regarding net neutrality, Bandwidth Activity Reporter 2.0, a utilization measurement tool which gathers and analyzes IPDR data, was in development and has recently been launched.

Net Neutrality Legislation: Regional Trends

By now you’ve seen or heard coverage about the ongoing debate of net neutrality. Between regional ISPs, IP-subscribers, content providers, and government legislators, the policies in place surrounding data priority and privacy in nearly every North American, South American and European IP-service market are under intense scrutiny.

What Does 4K TV Mean for Cable?

Will 4K TV be a boon or bust for cable? It’s true that interest in this new technology is growing and most of the over-the-top (OTT) service providers plan on delivering content in 2014. In short, this is a wake up call for service providers to start planning for the future.

Fighting for HDMI 1

I’ve previously discussed the idea of a converged media device and how the Xbox 360 is a candidate to become an all-in-one set-top box. Today, Microsoft releases the next-generation replacement for the 360, the Xbox One. Aside from its gaming prowess, one feature that I’m particularly interested in is the HDMI-In feed. The HDMI-In port … Continue reading “Fighting for HDMI 1”

Are Smaller Providers Ready for OTT?

We already know that most service providers see some kind of opportunity in the growing popularity of over-the-top (OTT) content. However, smaller providers are less confident than their larger counterparts. Our recent survey of broadband service provider’s attitudes to OTT content highlighted that a significant proportion of providers with fewer than 100,000 subscribers felt indifferent … Continue reading “Are Smaller Providers Ready for OTT?”

The Carrot and Stick Approach to OTT Content

Earlier this year, we asked you whether the growing popularity of over-the-top (OTT) content was a threat or an opportunity for your business. Well, it seems that overwhelmingly, most of you view the OTT trend as a chance to embrace new services, partnerships, and revenue — an attitude that is encouraging for cable’s future.

Top Issues for MSOs: Increased Bandwidth Consumption

The cable industry has been actively launching various initiatives such as cloud computing, WiFi, and the connected home over the past few years. However, in the pursuit of additional profits, the fundamental technologies that support these revenue-generating services can become afterthoughts. Three crucial issues should be at the forefront in the push to increase average … Continue reading “Top Issues for MSOs: Increased Bandwidth Consumption”