Enhancing Customer Care, Part 6: Discover

As we come full circle on the topic of Enhancing Customer Care we get to one of the most challenging and crucial aspects of the Customer Lifecycle: Discover. Long before Retention and Customer Service, Use, Bill and Pay, and Purchase, comes Discover. An operator may have the best infrastructure backbone, the best community involvement, or … Continue reading “Enhancing Customer Care, Part 6: Discover”

Announcing Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform

Today Incognito announces its Network Monetization and Analytics Platform which will amalgamate the best of two existing product lines — Incognito Bandwidth Activity Reporter and Active Broadband, acquired in 2016 — into a single platform that includes network data collection, analytics and policy control. The platform will provide network operators with improved subscriber insights, data-driven … Continue reading “Announcing Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform”

Reduce Churn with Usage Based Retention Offers

As broadband markets mature, churn becomes the critical metric for network monetization. Studies have shown that cost and billing are a key churn driver, representing 40% of subscriber attrition. Other studies have shown that half of these subscribers feel they are not receiving “value for money” and hope to find that value by moving to … Continue reading “Reduce Churn with Usage Based Retention Offers”

Are Lawful Intercept Requests Keeping You Up at Night?

It’s a familiar scenario that every service provider is likely to face: legal authorities request IP usage records and information about the subscribers associated with those IPs to fulfil lawful intercept or copyright infringement violations. Given the sensitive nature of these requests, it is vital that the information you provide is completely accurate. Can you … Continue reading “Are Lawful Intercept Requests Keeping You Up at Night?”

Prepaid Services — Increasing Revenue and Improving QoS without Inflating CAPEX

Like any good business, communication service providers (CSPs) are constantly searching for new ways to increase average revenue per user (ARPU). For a long time this was achieved by offering new service options such as IPTV or mobile subscriptions, which could be packaged into an Internet services contract to increase monthly charges. The challenge with … Continue reading “Prepaid Services — Increasing Revenue and Improving QoS without Inflating CAPEX”

’Tis The Season To Be Fraud Free!

As we approach the end of 2016, everyone starts to think about their new year’s resolutions and what they hope to achieve in 2017. While we all have some personal goals and resolutions, I believe that one of the top resolutions in the cable world is to become fraud free.

Successful Projects: What’s Your S.E.C.R.E.T?

Getting projects done on-time and accurately can be a minefield of trouble. With all the good intention in the world, projects can still go south quickly. Why should this be so? Why do projects fail? A lot of the reasons can be traced back to the team relationships. Why do people get upset during projects? … Continue reading “Successful Projects: What’s Your S.E.C.R.E.T?”

Best Practices for Usage Based Billing

For those of us who have been involved in usage based billing since the early 2000’s, 2016 feels like “deja vu all over again”. While this is the year Internet service providers globally began to embrace usage tiered services, Canadian service providers pioneered usage based billing over 5 years ago and there are many lessons … Continue reading “Best Practices for Usage Based Billing”