WiFi QoE Assurance with TR-069 — Part 1: The Toolbox

Subscribers today expect to be connected at all times with exceptional service quality. For communication service providers operating in urban environments, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) are a big cause for concern. Delivering consistently high WiFi service quality in high-density environments is a challenge. The sheer number of nearby access points, electronics, and outside influences can result … Continue reading “WiFi QoE Assurance with TR-069 — Part 1: The Toolbox”

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences

In last week’s blog, we discovered the importance of customer experiences. We learnt that great customer experience not only keeps revenue flowing, it’s actually an efficient way to strengthen your incoming revenue stream. In the 2014 American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, ISPs scored lower than all other related industries. Don’t let this be an indication … Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences”

Just How Important Are Customer Experiences?

In 2015, mature markets like North America and Western Europe saw Internet penetration exceed 80% (with the United States nearing 90%). This high level of adoption has shifted the focus of service providers across these regions to heavily invest in customer experience management platforms instead of attracting new customers with advertisements.

The 3 Keys to Unlock Your Operational Performance

Like any business, service providers must constantly evaluate the success of their operations. For implementations and installments, this is usually done by setting a strategic objective and then measuring progress made towards completion. But for operational teams, success is often measured by the repeated achievement of daily goals aligned to corporate objectives. Setting these benchmarks … Continue reading “The 3 Keys to Unlock Your Operational Performance”

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Seamless CPE Evergreening

Technology races forward at rapid speeds, but that doesn’t mean our devices have to fall behind. At first glance, firmware management on existing customer-premises equipment (CPE) may not seem like something that would impact the bottom line. But when you step back and consider how much Quality of Experience (QoE) and customer retention accounts for … Continue reading “Improve Customer Satisfaction with Seamless CPE Evergreening”

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014 – ISBE, RDK, and SEMI

Denver had its first broadcast of Ed Sullivan’s ‘Toast of the Town’ on the corner of 6th and Sherman. A little over 60 years later, Denver was host to hundreds of service providers and vendors for this year’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, only a few blocks away at the convention center; raising the bar and surpassing … Continue reading “SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014 – ISBE, RDK, and SEMI”

Understanding what Influences QoE

Industry-wide, a great deal of time is being spent trying to improve Quality of Experience (QoE) within the subscriber home. This is especially prevalent in the US market, where the American Consumer Satisfaction Index found that ISP satisfaction scores are generally lower in comparison to other industries. In 2014, satisfaction has even decreased 3.1% to … Continue reading “Understanding what Influences QoE”

The Future of TV is Everywhere

The Independent Show 2014 commemorated NCTC’s 30th anniversary as a dedicated service to the cable industry. Throughout the event, a major topic of discussion was increasing the push for TV Everywhere (TVE). Here’s what I’ve learned at the From the TV to Everywhere: All Things TVE session: