WiFi QoE Assurance with TR-069 — Part 1: The Toolbox

Subscribers today expect to be connected at all times with exceptional service quality. For communication service providers operating in urban environments, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) are a big cause for concern. Delivering consistently high WiFi service quality in high-density environments is a challenge. The sheer number of nearby access points, electronics, and outside influences can result … Continue reading “WiFi QoE Assurance with TR-069 — Part 1: The Toolbox”

What Can You Do to Prevent Bad Wi-Fi Service?

In a 2016 survey on broadband consumer quality of experience (QoE), 31% of subscribers said that Wi-Fi reliability directly influences their decision to recommend a service provider to a friend of peer. Despite of the high favorability that subscribers have to the technology, and the keen interest operators have shown to leverage Wi-Fi for video … Continue reading “What Can You Do to Prevent Bad Wi-Fi Service?”

IoT Has a New Friend — 802.11ah

Throughout the last year, enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic that has risen to the forefront for many communication service providers. Even people outside of the broadband industry understand the importance of connected devices, because the reliance on IoT is growing every day. We now have Internet-enabled light bulbs, dead bolts, smoke … Continue reading “IoT Has a New Friend — 802.11ah”

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences

In last week’s blog, we discovered the importance of customer experiences. We learnt that great customer experience not only keeps revenue flowing, it’s actually an efficient way to strengthen your incoming revenue stream. In the 2014 American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, ISPs scored lower than all other related industries. Don’t let this be an indication … Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences”