The IPv6 Migration Checklist

By now, many of you have already begun preparing for your migration to IPv6. If you haven’t, I don’t want to scare you, but you need to start planning ASAP. I’ve said it before –– you will be left behind unless you migrate to the feature-rich, secure, and better-resourced world of IPv6.

You may have already read some of the IPv6 literature on the IETF website, followed the progress of industry leaders like Comcast, or started investigating options such as dual-stack deployment. At first, migration can seem complex, and even overwhelming. Don’t let this put you off. Creating a transition plan now will put you on the right track to enjoy more resources, better routing infrastructure, and a sustainable future.

The checklist below has been taken from our free IPv6 eBook Series. It outlines what you’ll need to do to prepare your network for the transition. This step-by-step audit covers the basic preparations required for IPv6 migration. Good luck!

Migration Checklist

Find out more about what’s involved in the transition to IPv6 and the different strategies available for cable and wireline providers by downloading our free IPv6 eBook resources.