Hathway selects Incognito’s Broadband Command Center to launch innovative Provisioning Service in India

VANCOUVER, BC (April 22, 2008) – Incognito Software, a global provider of device provisioning and network resource management systems, today announced that Hathway Datacom, India’s leading broadband service provider, has deployed Incognito Software’s Broadband Command Center to provide a fully convergent device provisioning system to their rapidly expanding customer base. “We are looking at providing a highly available and robust provisioning system for estimated more than 500,000 broadband subscribers by year end,” remarked John Goddard, Managing Director of C-COR Broadband of Australia, which acted as the Integration Partner to the project.

Hathway will also be providing Incognito’s provisioning technology to a number of operators within India through lease and resale of Incognito Software. This innovative arrangement allows multiple operators to benefit from the provisioning infrastructure and expertise being assembledat Hathway.

“The decision to select Incognito was based upon a number of key points,” said Mr. K. Jayaraman, Managing Director and CEO of Hathway Datacom, “Primarily, we needed a proven product that allowed us to support a fully convergent solution in a reliable and cost-effective way . Senior Vice President Jayant R Changrani said , Hathway intends to rollout a NGN Network to support Triple Play in the near future. The fact that provisioning and network management has been Incognito’s sole focus since 1992 and that they support the widest array of end user devices in the industry gave us additional security in our decision. We are looking at half a million broadband subs by end of the year as part of our rollout of an NGN Network to support Triple Play in the near Future, and the Incognito system gives us the platform to deliver these services.”

The project team of Hathway , C-COR Broadband, Pyramid and Incognito completed the installation on schedule and on budget. “A key part of our ability to successfully implement large projects such as this one at Hathway, where we were displacing an existing Cisco installation, is our API library,” remarked Stephane Bourque, founder and CTO of Incognito. “This allows us to quickly connect to the client’s Business and Operations systems which allows our provisioning to be dynamically based upon real client data”.

“The project team is looking forward to the continued partnership in helping ensure the ongoing success of India’s premier Broadband provider, Hathway Datacom”, said Mike Allard, Account Director, C-COR Broadband.

About C-COR

C-COR Broadband is an independent provider of integrated broadband carrier-grade products, software and accessories from best-of-breed vendors for cable, wireless and fibre networks. C-COR Broadband is focused on South Asia, Australasia and South East Asia. http://www.c-cor.com.au

About Hathway

Hathway Datacom is India’s leading broadband service provider. Hathway’s Vision is to be a single point access provider bringing into home and work place , the converged world ofinformation, entertainment and services. For more information please visit http://www.hathway.com

About Incognito Software Systems Inc.

Incognito Software Systems provides end-to-end device provisioning, service activation, and resource management solutions for communication service providers. Incognito streamlines every step of the service fulfillment process with a turnkey fiber solution that provides fast entry to the fiber market for greenfield and established operators alike. By simplifying back-office automation and offering a unified service catalog, Incognito enables best-in-class service fulfillment and customer experience assurance. Since 2014, Incognito has been part of Volaris Group, an operating group of software and services provider Constellation Software Inc. More than 160 million subscribers worldwide are currently provisioned by solutions from Incognito.

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