Lindsay Broadband and Incognito Software Announce Strategic Partnership

Peterborough, ON and Vancouver, BC (May 17, 2007) – Lindsay Broadband, a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless RF distribution products, and Incognito Software, a global provider of device provisioning and network management systems, today announced a strategic partnership to develop intelligent Wi-Fi and WiMax broadband wireless systems. The unique software and hardware solution provides a new and innovative way for broadband service providers to deploy high-speed Internet and VoIP services over wireless networks instead of more costly physical infrastructures, especially in rural or remote areas.

Incognito’s provisioning software, Broadband Command Center, will automatically activate Wi-Fi and WiMax customer premises equipment (CPE) for high-speed data and VoIP access. The software will cut deployment and operations costs by eliminating manual configuration of CPE– performing on the fly subscriber lookup, service verification, and generation of device configuration files.

Lindsay Broadband will supply the deep hybrid mesh wireless hardware and architecture, including indoor Wi-Fi customer premise modems and outdoor-hardened wireless mesh access points, which can be powered by existing cable hybrid-fiber coaxial (HFC) networks. Each wireless mesh network will consist of a series of radio nodes that overcome topography challenges using a wide variety of externally mounted RF antennas.

The new solution provides a breakthrough combination of affordability and performance, giving rural cable operators the ability to add high-speed data and VoIP services through automated device provisioning and captive portal hotspot services, all on a common wireless infrastructure. For cable operators with bi-directional HFC networks, the solution enables service extensions into business parks or areas outside their licensed service footprint. As described by Dave Atman, President of Lindsay Broadband, “A large number of small communities, both inside the cable franchise footprint and beyond, are not being served with high-speed data and voice services due to the high cost of two-way plant upgrades. Our solution lets the network operator forego the upgrades with new high-performance wireless overbuilds at a small fraction of the cost.”

According to Stephane Bourque, Founder and CTO of Incognito Software, “Our jointly developed solution will introduce advanced provisioning to the Wi-Fi and WiMax environment, enabling wireless network operators to completely automate the task of bringing customers online. This provides substantial savings in administration and support costs while delivering the high-speed Internet and VoIP services that customers now require.”

About Lindsay Broadband

Lindsay Broadband is based in Peterborough, Ontario and manufactures a diverse range of communication products. Lindsay’s product offering includes Wi-Fi access control systems, hard line passives, trunk and distribution amplifiers, free space optic systems, subscriber passives, a range of MDU amplifiers, power passing multi taps, WDM fiber optic equipment, and NEBS/MEF compliant media converters. Lindsay markets and sells into Russia, Europe, the US, Mexico, Central and South America. In addition, Lindsay maintains sales offices in Russia, the US and Central America. For more information visit

About Incognito Software Systems Inc.

Incognito Software Systems provides end-to-end device provisioning, service activation, and resource management solutions for communication service providers. Incognito streamlines every step of the service fulfillment process with a turnkey fiber solution that provides fast entry to the fiber market for greenfield and established operators alike. By simplifying back-office automation and offering a unified service catalog, Incognito enables best-in-class service fulfillment and customer experience assurance. Since 2014, Incognito has been part of Volaris Group, an operating group of software and services provider Constellation Software Inc. More than 160 million subscribers worldwide are currently provisioned by solutions from Incognito.

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