Bandwidth Activity Reporter is now part of
Incognito Monetization and Analytics Platform

Metering, Policy Control, Capacity Planning, and Service Analytics for Network Operators

September 26, 2017 — Incognito is pleased to announce that Bandwidth Activity Reporter is now part of its Monetization and Analytics Platform for network operators. Service providers will benefit from a single platform for broadband intelligence and control that enables service innovation and network optimization.

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Bandwidth Activity Reporter

Network Usage Intelligence and Reporting


Bandwidth Activity Reporter collects and reports on a rich range of key broadband usage metrics to optimize network resources, enhance user experience, and monetize subscriber usage behavior.

Network Visibility for Capacity Planning

Gain key insight into subscriber, service, and network capacity behavior for accurate network planning and better investment decisions.

  • Visualize CMTS network performance with comprehensive graphical reports on subscriber broadband usage data
  • Refine data searches based on service type, geography, CMTS, or even drill down to view individual subscriber information
  • Optimize traffic and existing resources with upstream and downstream bandwidth utilization statistics
  • Share data and reports in CSV format to make cross-department decisions based on accurate information

Accurate Intelligence for Increased Revenue

Monetize subscriber usage trends through new services or upgrades based on demand.

  • Easily identify heavy users to target for upgrades, trials, or marketing campaigns
  • Gain network-wide visibility of per-subscriber service usage to monetize utilization patterns
  • Customize service packages or review metered billing policies based upon real trends on your network
Use the scripting engine to easily define rules

Use the scripting engine to easily define rules

Flexible Policy Enforcement

Create and enforce fair access policies to reign in heavy users and improve quality of service

  • Identify and notify subscribers who exceed (or are close to exceeding) their bandwidth quota
  • Give your subscribers the option to buy short-term upgrades, change their plan, or accept speed reductions for the remainder of the billing cycle.
  • Configure business rules to automatically enforce policies, reducing manual labor, errors, and support costs

Unrivaled Performance and Scalability

Acquire actionable broadband network intelligence with optimized IPDR collection and refinement that won’t overstrain your hardware or network.

  • Collect IPDR streams representing millions of cable modem devices using only a small hardware footprint
  • Save on external costs with IPDR technology, which requires less hardware, data center rack-space, and power than alternative data collection methods, such as deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Cross-reference IPDR information with network statistics and subscriber information in an instant to quickly track trends across your network, regardless of size
  • Allow multiple users to access broadband usage intelligence simultaneously and easily export detailed reports with the central management interface