Use Cases

  • Streamlining Service Fulfillment

    Success and market leadership for network providers depends on the quick rollout of new services and promotions. An efficient service activation solution lets you centrally manage the activation of all service offerings from a single interface. Learn how you can remove the barriers to fast, low-cost service implementation with automated service activation in this comprehensive 12-page paper.

  • IPAM Routing Table Discovery

    Many communication service providers offer business customers transit on their networks. However, without visibility beyond the network edge, providers face a number of potentially serious issues that can affect IP resource management and cause IP conflicts that affect subscriber services.

  • Minimize Service Disruption With An Automated IPAM Solution

    Explore common challenges and learn why an automated IP address management (IPAM) and scope deployment solution can help you reduce operational expenses as well as avoid subscriber service disruption.

  • Simplify DOCSIS 3.1 Provisioning to Decrease New Service Time-to-Market

    The consumer demand for greater service efficiency and improved flexibility continues to gain traction, and cable service providers are turning to DOCSIS 3.1 to help stay competitive. Discover how DOCSIS 3.1 can help you reduce latency and improve network reliability.

  • WiFi Hotspots: Reduce Costs and Rapidly Deploy with Virtualization

    Community WiFi deployments can increase service package value while unlocking new monetization opportunities, but unfortunately, usually require costly investments on limited-capacity infrastructure. Discover how you can overcome the challenges of expanding WiFi hotspot coverage with Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

  • The Monetization of Carrier WiFi

    WiFi is everywhere, but can these services add value to communication service providers beyond customer retention? Discover the strategies for recouping the cost of WiFi services and even generating new revenue.

  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership of WiFi Hotspots

    Reduce unnecessary capex spend and achieve seamless wifi offload with virtualized wireless access gateways