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  • [Webinar] Fiber Service Roll-Out: Activation, Fulfillment, and Assurance

    Strategies for service activation, fulfillment, and ongoing assurance are a contentious subject for many operators as they face rising customer churn rates and tighter budgetary restrictions. What if there was a better way to navigate the challenges of a fiber deployment, activate and assure services to subscribers, and save operational costs?

  • Fiber Services Enablement for Telco

    Discover how the provider overcame integration challenges with an end-to-end service activation solution that supports all the moving parts on their network to become a leading provider of converged services over fiber in Latin America.

  • So You’ve Rolled Out a Fiber Network: What’s Next?

    Worldwide, demand for faster broadband speeds and better service experiences has sparked a new wave of access technology. Fiber optics leads the way due to its gigabit-per-second speeds and relatively inexpensive deployment costs; however, there’s more to deploying fiber than just building the network.

  • End-to-End Fiber Rollout for Commercial Services

    implify the most important aspect of your fiber rollout by streamlining the order-to-delivery process with the Incognito Order-to-Fulfillment Fiber Solution. This turnkey fiber solution ensures your customers receive the right services at the right time, and provides fast entry into the fiber market for greenfield and established operators alike.

  • Are You Ready for DOCSIS 3.1?

    DOCSIS 3.1 promises 10x capacity throughput and a range of technical benefits for cable providers and users alike. Examine the advantages, the hurdles to implementation, and what you need to consider to prepare your network for a DOCSIS upgrade in this complimentary white paper.

  • Incognito Integrates FTTH to Hasten Converged Services Activation for Telco Provider

    A telecommunications service provider in Latin America reached a major milestone, adding HSD, IPTV, and VoIP services over fiber to their existing services catalog.

  • Provision, Activate, and Fulfill Services Over FTTx

    A major communication service provider in Singapore is using Incognito Software Systems Inc. solutions to provision, activate, and fulfill services over FTTx (Fiber-to-the-x).

  • FTTx Deployment Strategy eBook Series

    Part one of your three-part guide for implementing, integrating, and activating fiber services as part of a converged network.

  • FTTx Service Orchestration and Fulfillment

    FTTx is the leading solution, but operators must have systems in place that helps them profitably enable devices, manage services, and monitor bandwidth.