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  • Enhancing Subscriber WiFi QoE in High Density Areas

    Subscribers today expect to be connected at all times with exceptional service quality. For communication service providers operating in high-density, urban environments, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) are a big cause for concern. How can you guarantee a high WiFi QoE for your MDU subscribers when you can’t control the factors influencing their service?

  • Overcoming Challenges for Managed WiFi Business Services

    Robust, easily accessible Internet is no longer optional for businesses — it’s a necessity. From large workforces looking for reliable ways to collaborate wirelessly to small-to-medium businesses offering WiFi to their staff and customers, businesses are increasingly looking for service providers that offer reliable managed WiFi solutions. How can you ensure a seamless WiFi experience for your business customers without driving up operational costs?

  • Optimizing Public WiFi Networks to Raise Subscriber QoE

    A Devicescape survey reported that 88% of customers see WiFi as a commodity that should be available everywhere, all the time. To meet this demand, service providers have deployed public WiFi hotspots to add value to their existing service packages. But how can service providers ensure that public WiFi hotspots are running at optimal performance? The major challenges, configuration best practices, and continual optimization techniques are explored.

  • Improve Subscriber Support with TR-069

    Learn why cable and wireline operators alike are adopting TR-069 worldwide, with TR-069-enabled customer devices numbering more than 147 million in 2012.

  • Extend Device Monitoring and Management to Mobile Services

    Accelerate deployment of mobile broadband services with automatic configuration and remote management of fixed line and mobile devices

  • TR-069: What it Means for Service Providers

    In this recording, you’ll hear from industry experts on why this standard is significant for the cable industry, the visibility and support challenges it will help solve, what the industry is doing to remove barriers to adoption, and how other operators are using it to launch new services. Join this live Incognito webinar to learn: […]

  • Move Beyond Device Management

    Subscribers today want richer services, faster access, and inevitably, lower prices. For service providers, this leads to a network capacity crunch that can seriously affect service assurance, quality of experience (QoE), and customer loyalty — not to mention profit margins. How can you optimize your returns in this kind of competitive environment?

  • Efficient Messaging in a TR-069 Environment

    Messaging is a technology that enables asynchronous program-to-program communication. It allows software applications to connect and scale by separating the sending and receiving of data. Incognito Auto Configuration Server is an end-to-end TR-069 provisioning solution that features a message bus architecture. This message bus acts as a focal point for communication and enables various components […]

  • CPE Diagnostics Made Easy

    Learn how TR-069 can help you cut down operational costs and provide extended subscriber support without increasing truck rolls.

  • Auto Configuration Server Datasheet

    Datasheet for Auto Configuration Server, an end-to-end TR-069 solution that enables efficient device provisioning, management, and support.