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  • Simplify Lawful Interception Requests with Centralized Lease Data

    Worldwide, concerns over Internet-based crimes are growing. To combat illegal activities, service providers are required to comply with regional lawful interception regulations. Central Lease Service is a Broadband Command Center extension that makes it easy to simplify lawful interception requests by making it easy to map an IP address back to a specific subscriber.

  • Enabling Community Wifi with DHCP

    A major cable provider and MVNO in Spain wanted to increase customer retention in the competitive European market by offering a community WiFi service. This would enable the company’s more than 1 million subscribers to roam between services using public DOCSIS-based cable modems with WiFi capabilities.

  • DOCSIS3.1及发展方向技术指南


  • Broadband Command Center Datasheet

    Datasheet for Broadband Command Center, a multi-network/environment device provisioning solution.