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  • Prevent Subscriber Service Issues with End-to-End SQM

    How can you maintain consistent quality of service to increase customer satisfaction? An end-to-end service quality management (SQM) solution makes it easier to diagnose issues at every stage of the service journey with proactive and reactive care.

  • Improve Troubleshooting and Lower Support Costs with Smart CSR

    Improve CSR troubleshooting and lower support costs with Smart CSR, a troubleshooting and integration platform that enables faster root cause analysis, smoother workflow, and enhanced subscriber QoE.

  • Cut Manual Processes and Reduce Service Disruption Risks with DOCSIS Firmware Management

    In mid-to-large-sized organizations, deploying firmware updates to a wide network of end-user DOCSIS gateways is a long process that is prone to numerous service disruption errors. As a result of the work required and the risk of disruption to end-user services, many operators will simply put off updating firmware until it is critically necessary.

  • The Evolution of Subscriber QoE

    Operators across the globe are attempting to improve customer loyalty and reduce churn rates by offering a better quality of experience (QoE) to their subscribers. But do operators understand what improving QoE really means? Is there a clear definition for this industry buzz word? This complimentary white paper addresses these questions and examines the common challenges that operators face when attempting to satisfy customer QoE needs.

  • Simplify the Management of WiFi Extenders Behind the Gateway

    Looking for a way to easily deploy and manage WiFi extenders in high density premises? Reduce operational costs with an automatic configuration and remote management solution optimized for complex subscriber WiFi networks.

  • Improve Subscriber Support with TR-069

    Learn why cable and wireline operators alike are adopting TR-069 worldwide, with TR-069-enabled customer devices numbering more than 147 million in 2012.

  • Extend Device Monitoring and Management to Mobile Services

    Accelerate deployment of mobile broadband services with automatic configuration and remote management of fixed line and mobile devices

  • Introducing Incognito Auto Configuration Server 3.0

    Providing great Quality of Experience (QoE) is essential to retaining customers and maintaining revenue growth. To do this, operators must ensure that service quality meets, or exceeds the expectations of the subscriber.

  • TR-069: What it Means for Service Providers

    In this recording, you’ll hear from industry experts on why this standard is significant for the cable industry, the visibility and support challenges it will help solve, what the industry is doing to remove barriers to adoption, and how other operators are using it to launch new services. Join this live Incognito webinar to learn: […]

  • Intuitive Home Network Management

    There’s no denying the importance of maximizing uptime and service performance for subscriber satisfaction. What if there was a way for your subscribers to manage their own home networks? Empower your subscribers with the home network self-management solution from Incognito Software. This powerful solution leverages the power of TR-069 to reduce support costs and increase […]