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The ability to accurately and efficiently provision subscriber devices is crucial to the success of any communication service provider. Without optimal performance, availability, and redundancy, your provisioning solution could be wasting resources, increasing time-to-market for new services, reducing service quality, and overall, negatively affecting revenue margins.

Despite the need to maintain best practices to ensure the longevity of your investment, in reality, most providers will use the same solutions for years without considering how to optimize its performance.

When was the last time you checked the health of your mission-critical systems?

A system health check from an experienced Incognito service professional can help you reach your business goals. Ensure the ongoing health of your network and best practices of your device provisioning solution with a Broadband Command Center System Health Check.

The Professional Services team will systematically go through each part of your solution to ensure everything is working at maximum capacity or configured efficiently. This is particularly useful in growing or fast-changing network environments that result from mergers and acquisitions, subscriber growth, or network convergence.

What’s Involved?

The Incognito Professional Services team will work with stakeholders from your organization to assess all aspects of your Broadband Command Center deployment. A base assessment includes:

  • Service Load: Evaluates the current load for all services
  • Risk Assessment: Determines any issues that may arise with your BCC deployment
  • Service Scalability: Evaluates how much each service is capable of scaling based on current load and subscriber growth rates
  • Server Health: Determines if server resources like I/O, storage and memory are healthy
  • License Health: Ensures all licenses are up to date
  • Security Health: Evaluates BCC security
  • Redundancy Health: Evaluates redundancy/failover

Other assessments related to service integration, device inventory, performance evaluation, network health, and overall best practices may also be included in the system health check, depending on individual requirements.

Findings Report and Review:

At the conclusion of the health check assessments, Incognito constructs a detailed findings report which identifies the gaps in your deployment and points out the actions needed to close them. We’ll advise on items like configuration, architectural optimization, and other required changes, and propose exactly how to implement them.

Broadband Command Center Health Checks are available on-demand or on a subscription basis, in addition to regular support and maintenance. Contact the team to find out what service would best suit your needs or get in touch with your account manager directly.

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