Bandwidth Monitoring


  • Analyzing bandwidth data to reduce network congestion in the face of rising IP traffic
  • Gaining visibility into per-subscriber usage information
  • Obtaining subscriber-aware statistics to monetize behavior patterns
  • Introducing usage-based billing based on this information


Bandwidth Activity Reporter collects, processes, and presents Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) data to provide subscriber usage intelligence for optimized network management. Bandwidth Activity Reporter is integrated with Service Activation Center, which interfaces with all levels of subscriber data using simple network management protocol (SNMP), providing a complete picture of network usage. This information allows you to accurately plan for future expansion, reduce congestion, and introduce usage-based billing, based on real trends.

      • Leverage network intelligence and subscriber data to make informed decisions about network capacity planning
      • Gain network-wide visibility of per-subscriber usage to monetize behavior patterns
      • Monetize trends through new revenue streams, such as metered billing, and create marketing campaigns based on real usage data
      • Create an efficient network and enhance subscriber quality of experience through effective bandwidth capacity management
      • Enable streamlined support and improve QoE with a solution that integrates with billing and optional subscriber self-care
      • Use network intelligence to enforce policy and throttle to lower speeds where necessary


Enhance network intelligence at every level of your business

Enhance network intelligence at every level of your business

    • Gain Insight. Offers network-wide visibility over subscribers, services, devices, and bandwidth, and uses a rich collection of metrics to evaluate subscribers
    • Customize Offerings. Enables automated up-sell opportunities and tailor-made promotions based on usage intelligence
    • Rapid Deployment. Allows fast access to subscriber data through a single interface
    • Monetize Behavior. Provides usage data for the creation of new business models
    • Minimize Data Entry. Replaces silos with integrated subscriber configuration and consumption information to improve efficiency
    • Manage Capacity. Provides comprehensive network intelligence for informed network traffic management, service quality enhancement, and policy enforcement
    • Empower Subscribers. Offers optional integration with a self-service portal to provide customers with usage statistics