Community WiFi for Cable Service Providers

Community WiFi for Cable Service Providers

Fast-Track Community WiFi Deployments Over a DOCSIS Network

The rising volume of mobile devices paired with unyielding pressure for high quality wireless services is forcing cable providers to invest in subscriber- and user-accessible WiFi networks. It’s commonly predicted that traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for two-thirds of global IP traffic by 2020. In the cord-cutting era, cable service providers must find new ways to increase ARPU, attract customers, and minimize churn without significant cost increases.

Community WiFi hotspot services fulfill wireless offering needs while helping attract and retain customers by adding value and brand differentiation — but unfortunately, creating large-scale community WiFi networks usually include costly hardware investments with inflexible access point (AP) options.

What if you could utilize virtualization to extract the value of community WiFi from your existing DOCSIS network?

Incognito Community WiFi Solution for Cable Service Providers

Learn how Service Providers can unlock additional revenue streams or recoup investments through WiFi services.

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The Incognito Wireless Management Solution provides flexible deployment options for launching wireless service offerings, including community WiFi over DOCSIS. Cable service providers can preserve and maximize their existing network investments, save costs, and reduce time-to-market with a turnkey wireless solution that scales with operational requirements.

Rapidly introduce a community WiFi network with access options of your choice and then launch additional wireless services to meet market demands. Unlock monetization opportunities from new and existing subscribers without significant changes to your backhaul while satisfying the need for affordable and flexible wireless coverage.

Leverage Existing Deployments

Leverage Existing Deployments

Jump-start a community WiFi deployment through the use of existing DOCSIS WiFi gateways. Incognito uses open standards to automatically provision and manage APs, resulting in a vendor-agnostic platform suited for large-scale, long-term deployments. Re-provision your existing install-base with unique SSID service flows on the DOCSIS network that enable separation of traffic.

Deploy a diverse mix of APs (indoor, outdoor, and strand) to bolster WiFi deployment coverage and capacity. Management and control is abstracted and centralized so that you can focus on growing and adjusting WiFi deployment needs instead of routinely provisioning and configuring devices while working around limited-capacity hardware.

MSO-Scale Ready

MSO-Scale Ready

The Incognito Wireless Management Solution splits the traditional controller model into functional components, resulting in a series of virtualized network functions that run on commercial off-the-shelf platforms.

The resulting controller-less architecture has several advantages for cable service providers:

  • Scale horizontally to meet network needs while maximizing the use of resources where and when they are required on the network
  • Automatically provision and control APs, reducing strain on operations and increasing deployment speeds
  • Keep traffic in your existing network to retain policy needs such as firewall or lawful enforcement
  • Reduce CAPEX by scaling without the need for additional controller appliances


Add a strong value proposition to your service offerings by providing your subscribers with a community WiFi offering as a value-added service which they can use outside of the home or office premises. Use the solution as a platform to launch premium WiFi services for the top-talkers on your network, or enable pre- and post-paid WiFi service offerings within your coverage area to unlock monetization opportunities with your existing infrastructure.

Advertising brand identity through community WiFi networks, including captive portal options, provides an additional opportunity to enhance brand awareness and promote services. With centralized management, you can assure hotspot services across the largest of service groups, enabling consistency and reliability for all your community WiFi users.

The Incognito Community WiFi solution gives cable service providers a strategic approach to launch value-added wireless services. With cost-effective and timely community WiFi deployments, you can maximize your DOCSIS infrastructure and increase ARPU without sacrificing flexibility or scalability. When your organization is ready to take the next step, you can unlock the full potential of the Incognito Wireless Management Solution to enable a complete range of wireless service offerings.

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