Reduce operational costs and improve the home broadband experience


The digital home network has never been more complex. Multiple connected devices, smart home technology, and the adoption of wearables is increasing the risk of connectivity issues, poor coverage, synchronization problems, and spotty WiFi signals.

To avoid escalated resolution costs, an increased chance of subscriber churn, and low Net Promoter Score (NPS), broadband service providers need visibility into every corner of the digital home network. Operation teams require solutions that can proactively identify and resolve network, device, and service issues, while CSR groups require the ability to identify and automate the resolution of service issues while enabling subscriber self-care options.

At a glance

The Incognito Digital Home Experience software solution simplifies the resolution of complex home network and device connectivity issues that impact the digital home experience. Unlike simple device management platforms, this solution is proven in tier 1 CSP environments to uniquely empower CSR agents, network operations staff, and home network users to proactively troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Powered by Incognito Auto Configuration Server, operators can leverage this holistic solution to provide a digital home experience that’s worth recommending to friends and family.

  • Extensible support for devices and services over xDSL, xPON, Cable, FTTx, and wireless fixed broadband support using TR-069 and SNMP
  • Holistic visibility into the customer premises network with advanced collection of rich data and diagnostics from both the device and the digital customer network
  • Proactive service issue identification and resolution enabling critical problem solving actions
  • Intuitive SmartCSR module guides CSRs along the path of issue identification and troubleshooting, automating much of the issue resolution stage
  • Subscriber self-care portal uniquely tailored to the needs of power users and non-technical customers
  • Improve visibility and control over the full lifecycle of CPEs and the digital home experience with flexible, standards-based interfaces
  • Lower operational costs and proactively resolve service issues with remote device management and improved digital home insights
  • Ensure device features are current and improve device reliability with automated firmware updates and flexible scheduling options
  • Increase first-call resolution, shorten call handling times, and reduce training requirements with SmartCSR
  • Earn customer loyalty and reduce call center interactions with intuitive self-care options
Use cases

Empower subscribers with residential self-care

Give subscribers the control they want with an intuitive self-care portal catered for power users and non-technical customers

Activate and manage fixed wireless over 4G LTE

Extend your 4G LTE infrastructure while supporting, provisioning, and managing quality of experience in the residential market

Improve first-call resolution with SmartCSR

Simplify CSR training and enhance customer care with a configurable dashboard showing troubleshooting flows and root-cause analysis

Improve WiFi QoE in complex network environments

Use proactive analytics and spectrum analyzation tools to ensure the best WiFi quality in MDUs, businesses, and large urban homes



Dive deeper into the digital premises to proactively resolve subscriber service problems.

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Proactively manage the customer experience and enhance quality of service using the KPI Dashboard.

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Manage the full lifecycle of subscriber services to improve QoE.

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Are you spending too much time supporting home network issues?

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