Managing Requests for IPv4 and IPv6 Address Space


  • Properly and uniquely allocating IP address space
  • Ensuring IP addresses are properly tied to DNS
  • Keeping up with enterprise customer IPv4 and IPv6 requests
  • Avoiding duplicate IP assignments and ensuring changes are made to all servers

IP Address Allocation and Management Solution

Address Commander helps you plan and manage your IP addresses while Name Commander automatically propagates DNS record changes to all your BIND servers.

Manage IP address allocation and requests with a solution built specifically to meet the addressing and DNS needs of service providers. Address Commander, an IP address management software integrates with Name Commander, a DNS management software, to help you efficiently handle address assignments while minimizing errors. Both AC and NC can also be deployed modularly.

  • Reserve IP blocks for specific purposes such as data, video, VoIP, and commercial services
  • Simplify your IP address request and allocation process by automating many of the tasks required to provide proper IPv4 and IPv6 space
  • Provide business customers with the ability to view the current status of their assigned IP addresses and associated DNS data
  • Save time and reduce errors with a solution that automatically propagates changes to DNS records and configuration data across all servers in real-time
  • Avoid duplicated assignments by reserving freed IP ranges for a specified time before making them available

IP Address Allocation and Management Benefits

  • Lowers Operational Costs. Facilitates the adoption of IPv6 and reduces IP address processing time from up to fifteen minutes to less than one minute*
  • Minimizes assignment errors. Alerts users of possible configuration errors and ensures changes are made across all servers in real-time
  • Field Proven Solution. Caters to the needs of service providers with business and wholesale customer IP allocation capabilities

*Proven customer results