Simplified IPv6 Transition

Simplified IPv6 Transition

Manage Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 Allocations

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The proliferation of new IP service initiatives such as virtualization, BYOD, and IoT, has put increased demand on IP address space, exceeding the limitations of IPv4. Many content and application providers look to take advantage of the efficient routing, packet processing, and security of IPv6, but the sheer scale of existing IPv4 supported hardware, software, and services has forced providers to offer dual-stack support for their subscribers. Without this flexibility, providers risk cutting off certain web pages and content for their users.

To overcome this challenge, providers need a solution that can maximize the value of existing IP resources while offering a dual-stack v4/v6 network. In addition, integrated DHCP and IPv6-ready service provisioning solutions must retain the ability to rapidly fulfill and manage IP requests, automatically record and organize new and existing allocations, and enable fast lookup in a scalable centralized database.

Simplified v4 and v6 Allocation

The Incognito IPAM solution satisfies the dual-stack needs of your subscribers while reducing operational costs and easing the transition to a complete IPv6 network. Centralized DHCP and IP management helps you discover and reassign stale IP addresses to optimize your existing IPv4 resources and minimize the impact that IPv4 shortages have on your business.

The Incognito IPAM solution enables operators to:

  • Optimize existing IP space with automatic discovery of underutilized IP addresses
  • Reduce operational costs with simplified fulfillment of IPv4 and IPv6 requests
  • Enhance visibility into IP address statuses and histories from a centralized interface
  • Easily generate comprehensive reports of IP allocations for detailed RIR reconciliation
  • Gain dynamic control over IPv6 addresses with full DHCPv6 integration
Optimize Network Address Space

Optimize Network Address Space

Reduce the complexity of your network and save OPEX by automating the configuration of IPv4 and IPv6 deployments. Incognito maximizes efficiency by enabling customers and business units to self-provision domains and IPs and flexibly set boundaries to enforce policy. Flexible components can be easily integrated into your existing network architecture, allowing you to:

  • Assign both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses across multiple DHCPv4 or DHCPv6 relays
  • Simplify dual-stack resource planning with the ability to view IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks side-by-side
  • Generate IPv6 addresses automatically and virtually manage AAAA (“quad A”) IPv6 DNS resources
  • Gain secure, remote visibility of configuration, entities, subnets, devices, and DHCP services
Class-Leading Resource Visibility

Class-Leading Resource Visibility

Explore your existing network space to discover and reassign underutilized IP resources. Incognito automatically detects stale IPs so that you can reallocate and maximize the value of your investments. Give IP administrators complete visibility over the current status of IPv4 and IPv6 usage across all networks and map IP allocations to MAC addresses or devices to enable faster and more functional lookup.

Streamline reporting processes with configurable templates that provide more transparency over your network, helping you set priorities and keep track of internal business strategies. Ease the process of IP reconciliation and RIR reporting with access to an active database of centralized information. The Incognito solution uses an intuitive interface and scalable database to track and organize new IP requests.

Simplified IPv6 Transition Helps You:

  • Discover and reassign stale IP addresses to optimize your network resources
  • Automate the fulfillment of IPv4 and IPv6 requests to save OPEX
  • Gain faster IP lookup with full transparency over IP addresses from a central database
  • Generate comprehensive reports for business strategies and RIR reconciliation
  • Dynamically control IPv6 addresses with full DHCPv6 integration

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