Universal Firmware Management

Universal Firmware Management

Eliminate Firmware Management Complexity

Discover how an integrated DOCSIS Firmware Management Solution can provide seamless updates of network-wide firmware in a number of scenarios in this guide.

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A rapidly growing number of devices from a diverse vendor market is causing service providers an inordinate amount of hassle. The rapidly growing number of devices from a diverse vendor market can make firmware updates an inordinate hassle for service providers. Tracking, managing, and executing the massive variety of device firmware updates required to evergreen a network is a costly and error-prone undertaking that often requires a full time employee. This process becomes even more challenging as new device iterations require new update packages, and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more pervasive in the subscriber premises.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of poor customer quality of service, broadband service providers are forced to keep their subscribers’ CPEs and Gateways up-to-date and issue-free with multiple firmware versions. Unfortunately, the resources required to manage this task have made non-vital updates simply not worth the ROI — leaving many subscriber devices performing below optimal capacity.

What if there was a simpler way to manage and orchestrate bulk firmware updates to a dynamic and growing variety of subscriber devices?

Incognito Universal Firmware Management

Make your firmware management solution a vendor-agnostic powerhouse. Incognito Universal Firmware Management redefines the end-to-end firmware orchestration process; from organizing numerous vendor devices and their associated firmware, to scheduling procedures and simplifying execution with complete visibility.

Incognito Universal Firmware Management enables operators to:

  • Maintain an organized library of all devices and associated firmware update paths, regardless of vendor or standard, with configurable categories and automated detection
  • Reduce OPEX with automated firmware management execution and simplified bulk-firmware updates to hasten time-to-completion
  • Gain clear visibility over end-to-end firmware management processes with live indications of device statuses, update successes, and procedural errors
  • Increase insight into device firmware history to better manage and optimize CPEs and Gateways with up-to-date versions
  • Scale operations and prepare for a heavy increase of new devices and firmware versions caused by an expanding Internet of Things
Vendor-Agnostic Management

Vendor-Agnostic Management

Incognito Universal Firmware Management helps you define and create firmware management recipes for any device on your network, regardless of vendor. You can categorize subscriber Gateways and CPEs into various device groups in order to accurately initiate, configure, and install firmware updates. Once a firmware recipe is created, the solution will detect new devices and automatically onboard them into the appropriate group.

As a result, you can cut down the steps necessary to evergreen subscriber CPEs and Gateways and ensure that devices throughout your network are performing at optimal capacity. The Incognito solution scales operations horizontally with a vendor-agnostic approach that better prepares your network for the coming influx of IoT devices.

Avoid Service Interruption

Avoid Service Interruption

Ensure that a firmware update doesn’t interfere with regular subscriber services and affect subscriber experiences with an intuitive scheduling platform. Program the solution to run during off-peak hours, or customize a firmware rollout so that different device groups are updated with a staggered approach.

The Universal Firmware Management solution allows system administrators to test firmware batches on a small group of subscriber devices before executing a bulk firmware rollout. This helps administrators ensure that updates are configured successfully without risking mass subscriber service interruption.

Orchestrate Mass Updates

Orchestrate Mass Updates

Save OPEX from end-to-end with automated detection, execution, and verification of firmware management processes. Firmware management recipes for every device group on your network are saved in the database to simplify new device onboarding. When a new device is connected, the Incognito solution automatically retrieves information and shows what updates are available.

Incognito reduces the manual steps required to execute and verify the firmware update process with automatic end-to-end execution and real-time views into the update process. Once a device’s firmware is updated, the solution verifies that subscriber services are accurately provisioned and activated, reducing the chance of a bricked CPE or Gateway. This significantly reduces the hassle of performing firmware updates and as a result increases long-term ROI.

Enhanced Process Visibility

Enhanced Process Visibility

Device categories are used to sort and retrieve information related to device status, firmware version, and available upgrade or downgrade paths so that you can more quickly detect and roll out new firmware updates to all subscriber devices on your network. During a firmware update, the Incognito solution gives you an unprecedented view into firmware execution with performance alerts that notify administrators of process failures and report on update success rates and device statuses.

An active firmware management library tracks device and firmware version history. Incognito Universal Firmware Management helps you map devices to subscriber-specific criteria such as account information and MAC addresses so that you can more easily generate detailed reports to aid strategic decision making.

Universal Firmware Management Gives You:

  • Vendor-agnostic firmware management that scales horizontally to accommodate new devices and prepare networks for IoT
  • Flexibly schedule and orchestrate firmware updates to avoid subscriber service interruption
  • Save OPEX and divert engineers to focus on more critical tasks with automated end-to-end firmware management and device verification processes
  • Enhance visibility into ongoing firmware update processes to ensure that updates are rolled out successfully
  • Gain insight into current and historical device firmware versions with an organized up-to-date library of configurable device groups and rich reporting capabilities

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