Customize LDAP Device Provisioning

Looking to customize your Broadband Command Center services? This device provisioning solution gives you the option of provisioning subscriber devices by integrating directly with third-party OSS platforms, including LDAP databases. The Broadband Command Center integrated JavaScript engine allows you flexibility to manipulate LDAP data sets that may not initially conform with the structure of Broadband … Continue reading “Customize LDAP Device Provisioning”

By Suelina Chow on October 3, 2013

DHCP Options in Plain English

Every day, different forms of configuration information passes between devices via a number of different mechanisms and protocols, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multiple protocols that govern this communication exchange. In networking, the main forms of configuration data transfers occur using DHCPv4 options, DHCPv6 options, and Type/Length/Value (TLV) objects, the latter of … Continue reading “DHCP Options in Plain English”

By Andre Kostur on May 18, 2013

How to Provision a Device in 15 Minutes

The Broadband Forum’s TR-069 suite of protocols is revolutionizing the broadband industry by giving wireline and cable operators the ability to offer new services, reduce operational costs, and gain visibility into devices within the subscriber’s home. This technical specification has become the protocol of choice for service providers and offers rich management capabilities for a … Continue reading “How to Provision a Device in 15 Minutes”

By Liam Clark on April 16, 2013

Enhance Network Security with DHCP Access Control

Device and subscriber security can be a serious concern for broadband service providers. In the provisioning space, DHCP relay is a potential entry point for security threats. For instance, if there is no authentication or authorization during an exchange between a DHCP server and DHCP client, the server cannot determine whether the client requesting the … Continue reading “Enhance Network Security with DHCP Access Control”

By Nathan Wang on March 10, 2013

SIP 101: Basics of SIP Parameters

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to initialize, synchronize, modify, and terminate data, voice, and video communication sessions over IP. Successful SIP-based VoIP and broadband service deployments depend on device provisioning software that can handle the specific requirements of SIP, including dynamic generation of configuration files, large volumes of requests for configuration files, integration with … Continue reading “SIP 101: Basics of SIP Parameters”

By Incognito Software on March 4, 2013

Broadband Command Center Integration for Service Activation Center

How to correctly integrate Broadband Command Center with Service Activation Center (SAC). Provides configuration details on DHCP Provisioning Systems Integration, MPS Customer Care Center (CCC) integration with SAC. A detailed description of the recommended and most optimal setup for BCC integration with SAC. Each configuration option is explained with potential uses cases.

By Liam Clark on February 22, 2013

Service Activation Center Diagnostics & Monitoring

How to configure your SAC environment to obtain useful Cable Modem diagnostic and monitoring information in your environment. Provides configuration details on the SAC service and pollers allowing SNMP Device Diagnostics, CMTS Flap List population, Cable Modem Usage, DHCP Lease information, Ping, Trace route and Cable Modem graphs.

By Liam Clark on February 18, 2013

Incognito Auto Configuration Server Device Discovery

How to quickly troubleshoot and resolve discovery issues for TR-069 devices with Incognito Software’s Auto Configuration Server. Provides end to end troubleshooting flow and configuration options to resolve problems encountered with devices not 100% compliant with TR-069.

By Liam Clark on January 31, 2013