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What’s Your Support Motto?

Published on 20 Nov 2012


I take support very seriously and get involved in the process whenever necessary. Support is a cornerstone of our company, and I firmly believe that it is one of our strong selling points. When you are a smaller company, you need to be able to provide five-star customer support. I redirect resources to address customer issues, no matter the size. We involve the support engineers, and if that’s not enough, we turn to Quality Assurance. If that’s still not enough, we’ll ask the engineers who wrote the code to come in and assist too. We spare no expense in finding the source of a problem so we can solve issues as fast as we can. Our support staff can walk 20 feet and find the person who wrote the code.

I’ve made every effort to keep the support and engineering teams consistent. Our support manager has been with us for 17 years, and on average, each support engineer has been with us for five years. This means that there is continuity for you as your business evolves. Continuity allows you to reach the same individual who installed your software years ago. You also don’t need to explain yourself and situation every time you call. You can become friends with our engineers; in fact, I encourage it. If you ever happen to be in Vancouver, come say hi. Who knows, you could enjoy a free meal and beverage on us! (Our Vancouver office is situated above a local brewery, and our Dublin office is located in the old Guinness offices, so you might even get a brewery tour). So come and meet the Incognito team, who will be by your side through thick and thin.