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Brazil: A leader in growth and IPv6

Published on 26 Mar 2012


Great things can also be said about IPv6. One of the main Brazilian operators is planning to activate IPv6 as early as Q3 of this year. Dual stack is going to be implemented everywhere and many operators have even recognized the need for IPAM solutions and have immediate plans to deploy them. Not only is this happening fast, but more importantly, the transition to IPAM is happening right from the beginning. Operators in Brazil are doing their best to avoid CGN, but feel it is in an inevitable expense on the road towards full IPv6.

We will be sure to help out those who’ve stuck their necks out for v6. These brave souls realized that v6 requires different thinking and these people are enthusiastic about the new features. They recognize how it will save them work in the future and how the protocol will solve some of the recurring routing issues in a v4 network and with static address assignment. I will continue to monitor Brazil’s transition to IPv6 and keep you informed along the way.

I’m looking forward to seeing our Brazilian users at our Incognito Community Exchange in June. They may even be willing to speak about their experience thus far. All I can say for now is: GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!