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Does Bandwidth Activity Reporter 2.0 comply with trending legislation reform?

Published on 15 Jul 2014


As an ISP looking to produce intelligent analytical data, without stepping over privacy boundaries or interfering with regular network services, you might ask yourself: How does Bandwidth Activity Reporter attempt to support provider services with the potential for upcoming Internet policy reforms?

As new legislation trends move toward enforcing the need for increased privacy of subscriber Internet practices, a non-intrusive method of IP-data gathering is an important consideration for ISPs looking to remain within the confines of new privacy policies. Bandwidth Activity Reporter offers a solution. Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR), a high-level user bandwidth recorder, periodically sends data snapshots to be stored within Bandwidth Activity Reporter. These records provide a summary of utilization with no indication of where bandwidth traffic is headed, eliminating subscriber concern that an ISP is spying on their IP-device usage. Without being intrusive of private user details and practices, Bandwidth Activity Reporter relieves the issue of privacy violation while still producing necessary user analytics.

Bandwidth consumption issues have also become a cornerstone in nearly every legislative reform, as subscribers continue to criticize ISPs who decide which content or service is slowed down or blocked off when a subscription quota is nearing its limit. With IPDR-based policy enforcement bandwidth data is treated equally, so specific services like p2p or OTT content cannot be targeted. Bandwidth Activity Reporter puts a decision back into the hands of the subscriber by sending an automated notification to inform the user when their package quota is nearing its limit, and simultaneously offering a subscription package upgrade or speed-reduction agreement. This visibility allows the user more control over their own IP services. On top of giving back control, Bandwidth Activity Reporter can target individual IP-enabled devices without interfering with other network services.

For ISPs looking at ways to mitigate risk while managing multiple CMTS within the precincts of new legislation policy, BAR may be a viable option.