Manage thousands to millions of IP addresses for business and consumer services

Holistic View of IP Address Resources

Gain a deeper understanding of your deployed IP address space with comprehensive trending and usage reports.

  • Organize your address space into geographical hierarchies
  • Represent edge devices in your network as well as the interfaces of each device and the address blocks assigned on each interface
  • Store detailed information about each IP address, including the customer, device, and user-defined attributes
  • View reports and charts directly from the Web Management Console or automatically email the reports out in CSV, XML, or PDF format
  • Eliminate the time-consuming task of monitoring free address space with automatic alerts that notify you when the network reaches pre-determined IP usage thresholds
  • Track each user-initiated session to find out what occured, and the user details
  • Automatically detect problematic IP configurations and receive notification of problems as they arise

Intelligent Network Discovery

Stay on top of your network by capturing IP configuration changes and new devices with network scans

  • Discover the configuration of interfaces, VLAN interfaces, subnets, and both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a vendor agnostic manner
  • Collect IP configurations across your network with lightweight device scans that learn the community strings of each device based on a list provided by the administrator
  • Lighten the load on your network by running targeted ad-hoc scans for day-to-day operations
  • Ensure that your IP plans always reflect the most up-to-date view of your network by reconciling scan results with your IP plan
  • Resolve IP conflicts and inconsistencies from to-do lists that automatically update once issues are addressed
  • Declutter your todo list by setting time frames for issues that cannot be addressed immediately, allowing network changes to be completed
  • Create detailed, itemized reports of IP conflicts for different departments in the organization
  • Obtain details from devices that do not support SNMP by scanning ARP tables on your routers and switches
  • Identify stale IPs so that they can be safely and easily reused for other purposes

Comprehensive Reports for Proactive Planning and Increased Compliance

Effortlessly generate reports that help you make internal planning decisions and satisfy the requirements of Regional Internet Registries (RIR) and Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • Simplified and Centralized IP Address ManagementCreate tailored reports that answer specific questions about your IP address resources using sorting and grouping functionalities, and further narrow results with report definitions
  • Conveniently generate reports with templates that can be further defined by report parameters when you execute it
  • Tailor predefined reports for Internet Registries and use all necessary business rules when calculating usage summaries
  • Easily create configuration files that are forwarded to the group responsible for the maintenance your organization’s WHOIS server
  • Compile information from numerous DHCP servers and generate detailed reports on address usage

Rest assured that IPAM and network information and network information is just a mouse click away with the Web Management Console.

  • Have multiple users concurrently access the IP repository, as the system is capable of handling multiple simultaneous updates
  • Remotely and securely view your configuration, entities, subnets, devices, DHCP services, and reports from a user-friendly interface
  • Maximize efficiency by enabling your customers and business units to self-provision domains and IP space as well as review their own network information
  • View IP usage reports and charts directly from the Web Management Console or automatically email the reports out in CSV, XML, or PDF format
  • Achieve automation with business rules, such as request logic and reclaim logic, through remote APIs


Deploy IP Address Management components in an à-la-carte manner and easily integrate IPAM into existing infrastructure.

  • Document space according to your needs with user-definable attributes and customizable service types
  • Cater to different types of IP assignment use cases by providing a variety of ways to request IP address space
  • Support access by both planning and support staff by separating IP allocation from assignment
  • Minimize issues related to security, scalability, or organization-wide adoption by having the flexibility to deploy Address Commander services simultaneously or incrementally
  • Centralize your architecture for processes, such as network inventory maintenance and network component configuration, by integrating IPAM with your OSS
  • Automatically synchronize IP management changes with DNS systems through integration with Incognito Name Commander

IPv6 Support

Effortlessly plan, assign, generate, manage, and track IPv6 addresses without ever needing to specify any portion of them.

  • View your IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks side by side, and filter according to customer, region, DHCP, or device assignments
  • Facilitate a proper IPv6 allocation scheme by having /32 easily broken down into /54 and /64 and allocated to customers.
  • Have IPv6 addresses generated for you based on a random algorithm or an associated device’s MAC address
  • Automatically set up human-readable DNS names for IP addresses so that they are accessible in your IPAM solution and on the network using DNS
  • Have IPv6 AAAA DNS records and PTR automatically synchronized

DHCP Integration

Easily access DHCP scope configuration information through IPAM and get alerts when problematic configurations occur.

  • Maintain a global view of your dynamic scopes across all DHCP servers with DHCP detection capabilities
  • Automatically capture DHCP scope configurations and regional deployments and make the information available on the web interface
  • Schedule automatic capturing of DHCP usage numbers and roll up into a holistic snapshot of the entire address space
  • Receive automatic alerts on problematic DHCP configurations and get recommendations on possible solutions

VPN Management

Address Commander can track encapsulated networks and their identifiers for customer or service VPNs to ensure that name or tag collisions by:

  • Eliminating manual tracking of VPN and VLAN identifiers
  • Resolving issue management and safeguard against namespace collisions
  • Hastening the deployment and allocation of IP assignments over VPN, vLAN, and VRF

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