Bandwidth Activity Reporter is now part of
Incognito Monetization and Analytics Platform

Metering, Policy Control, Capacity Planning, and Service Analytics for Network Operators

September 26, 2017 — Incognito is pleased to announce that Bandwidth Activity Reporter is now part of its Monetization and Analytics Platform for network operators. Service providers will benefit from a single platform for broadband intelligence and control that enables service innovation and network optimization.

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Bandwidth Activity Reporter

Network Usage Intelligence and Reporting

Enhance QoE amid growing bandwidth demands

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Bandwidth Activity Reporter is a service-oriented solution that helps you make more insightful business decisions for billing and capacity planning. Collect, process, analyze, and present bandwidth data from your subscribers and your CMTS resources with automated processes. BAR helps you introduce new products and services based on real utilization behaviour, optimizes your infrastructure, monetizes subscriber bandwidth usage, manages network congestion, enforces fair-usage policies, and displays current usage to subscribers through intuitive user-portals.

Learn your Subscriber’s Service Needs

Easily understand what your subscribers want to achieve from their devices with the automated collection and refinement of data-usage records.

Monetize Subscriber Behaviors

Gain the data needed to roll out effective new services based on popularity intelligence, and quickly identify which subscribers are eligible for package upgrades and service improvements.

Create Effective Usage-Based Billing Plans

Obtain a greater understanding of your subscribers’ traffic patterns and adapt your service packages to a quota-based approach that meets your changing business requirements.

Enforce Fair-Usage Practices

Monetize heavy bandwidth users with automatic service upgrade suggestions, or manage frequent bandwidth abusers with configurable speed reduction policies.

Improve CAPEX Decisions

Make better network planning and investment decisions by aligning real-time data with historical trends and other configurable factors to determine when and where investments should be made.

Integrate Utilization Data with BSS Information

Ease the billing process by pushing subscriber utilization information into your billing systems, and align non-intrusive IPDR data with back-end system information so pertinent details are available from one centralized location.

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The Bandwidth Intelligence Imperative

Key Components

IPDR Data Collection

View pertinent subscriber details without being intrusive. IPDR gleans networks to gather subscriber usage information without impacting service quality or crossing subscriber privacy boundaries.


Allows multiple IPDR feeds from a single CMTS and adds redundancy for additional network and processing security.


Record and reduce any data discrepancies caused by subscriber and network misalignment before you even see them.


Automated analysis of critical data elements from across the network saves time by reducing any cumbersome processes associated with extracting and organizing information.


Intuitive and configurable graphs, charts, and heat maps turn your data into actionable intelligence — simplifying the processes of congestion relief and capacity planning.


Automatically enforce fair-share policies that come in to effect based on configurable business requirements, ensuring bandwidth quotas are kept and top-talkers are either monetized or given the choice of a temporary speed reduction.

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