Broadband Command Center delivers world class performance, availability, and scalability in device and IP address provisioning

Reliable and Accurate Device Provisioning

Keep your subscribers satisfied and reduce churn with reliable and accurate device provisioning.

  • Improve service uptime when deployed in a high-availability configuration
  • Assure service availability with 1:1 primary-to-secondary DHCP deployment
  • Give your subscribers exactly what they have ordered through tight integration with your OSS
  • Take advantage of multiple integration models to ensure that your back office is in sync with your device provisioning

Simplified Management

Decrease manual tasks and streamline workflows with automated configuration file generation as well as management and analytical tools.

  • Dynamically generate configuration files and remove the need to track and store large numbers of static files
  • Easily manage all functions with our user-friendly Java-based interface that can be accessed from any type of operating system
  • Use the many wizards and templates available for fast deployment and streamlined workflows
  • Resolve issues and analyze system design with our wealth of diagnostic and reporting tools

Extreme Scalability

Give yourself room to grow with a device provisioning solution that supports network expansion and efficient use of resources.

  • Keep costs low with our high-availability DHCP server, which supports millions of subscriber devices as well as an unlimited number of DHCP relays per server in distributed deployments
  • Efficiently use your available IP address space with weighted DHCP servers that span subnets across multiple relays


Keep your configuration data safe and manage user privileges with multi-level security.

  • Protect your configuration information with secure administrator login and triple DES password encryption
  • Manage administrator user rights with access privileges, access control lists, and delegation limits, so information and access is given on a “need-to-know” basis


Flexible Options Broadband Command Center will meet the varied needs of your network with numerous options.

  • Get simplified access to subscriber data via direct integration with third-party OSS platforms, including LDAP databases, SOAP, CLI, CORBA APIs, and XML APIs
  • Gather customer data using the Java interface, automatic transfer from third-party OSS, or direct retrieval from a centralized back-end database
  • Choose the best device type, including DOCSIS cable and PON modems, PacketCable voice MTA as well as SIP devices for your network and stop being limited by hardware
  • Use any DHCP option that fits your needs and, if necessary, invoke third-party processing

Automatic File Generation

Keep processes light and efficient while eliminating the risk of configuration errors when new DOCSIS devices register with your provisioning platform.

  • Let the provisioning system track CMTS version, DOCSIS TLV parameter version, and DOCSIS CM version for you while building and validating service configuration files
  • Automatically detect version information sent through the provisioning platform to ensure cable modem configurations match activated subscriber services
  • Automate the validation of configuration files used by the CMTS-CM system to reduce the risk of service interruption
  • Streamline provisioning processes and cut OPEX for your Network Operations team by eliminating manual processes

Multi-Standard Support

Use our network-agnostic provisioning software to future-proof your network with support for the following:

  • CableLabs standards-based devices (PacketCable and DOCSIS)
  • Broadband Forum standards-based devices
  • Converged multimedia devices that require both Broadband Forum and CableLabs standards support
  • The widest array of SIP-based devices of any provisioning product on the market
  • DOCSIS over ePON

Full-Featured DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Support

Prepare your network for the next era of IP services with a DHCP platform that handles dual-stack client configurations over IPv4 and IPv6.

  • Simultaneously report packet counters for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 packets to assist with network monitoring, provisioning system health checks, and troubleshooting
  • Simplify DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation, IPv6, and reconfigurations with centralized control
  • Support CableLabs DHCP options registry including configuration and provisioning of DOCSIS and PacketCable devices over IPv6
  • Expose address allocations over the Broadband Command Center API so that northbound IPAM systems can automatically track utilization of IPv4 and IPv6 resources

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