Broadband Command Center delivers world class performance, availability, and scalability in device and IP address provisioning

The Incognito Broadband Command Center delivers world-class performance, availability, and scalability in device and IP address provisioning. Broadband Command Center supports CableLabs and Broadband Forum provisioning and management standards as well as a broad range of vendor-specific devices.

System Requirements

OS CentOS 6.x, 7.x (64-bit)
Debian 8.x (64-bit)
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.x, 7.x (64-bit)
Java® OpenJDK7 or Oracle Java® Runtime Environment (JRE) 7
Note: The service supports any minor point release for the major version of the operating system.
JIMC Oracle Java® Runtime Environment (JRE) 7
Note: Open-source Java products, such as OpenJDK, are not supported by the JIMC.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Leases CPU Disk Space RAM
< 10,000 x86 dual-core 2 GHz 30 GB 2 GB
< 50,000 x86 2x dual-core 2 GHz 60 GB 4 GB
< 250,000 x86 2x dual-core 2.8 GHz 90 GB 8 GB
≥ 250,000 For larger
deployments, please contact Incognito Sales or Support.

Incognito Broadband Command Center has worldwide deployments that range in size from hundreds to millions of managed subscribers and IP addresses. Above are example subscriber tiers with minimum server requirements For custom sizing or Solaris sizing, please contact Incognito Support.

Supported SIP devices

Manufacturer/Device Submodels
Aastra SIP phone 53i, 55i, 57i, 57iCT, 480i, 480iCT, 9112i, 9133i
Arris SIP device TM402A
Cisco SIP phone 7940, 7960
Counterpath SIP soft phone EYEBEAM
D-Link DCM voice gateway DCM603, DCM604
D-Link SIP device DVG-G5402SP
Grandstream SIP phone GXP2000
Huawei SIP eMTA TCG220
Linksys-Sipura SIP phone SPA941, SPA2102, WRTP54G
LG-Nortel IP8820, IP8830, IP8840
Mediatrix SIP device MX2102
Motorola SIP device SBV5121
Motorola SIP voice terminal VT1005
PacketCable 2.0 eUE device Motorola_SBV5222
Polycom SIP phone IP301, IP320, IP330, IP430, IP501, IP550, IP600, IP601,
IP650, IP4000
SA SIP device DPC2203
Snom SIP phone 360, 370
Stollmann ISDN SIP phone CAB-6114
Thomson ST2030 SIP phone THOMSONST2030
Zyxel P2302R-P1 SIP phone ZYXELP2302R