Innovate and optimize network services with intelligence and control

Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform provides the intelligence and control that service providers need to measure, manage, and monetize broadband network services.

Network Operations Intelligence for Capacity Management

Gain key insight into subscriber, service, and network capacity behavior for accurate network planning and better investment decisions.

  • Visualize CMTS network performance with comprehensive graphical reports on subscriber usage and utilization
  • Identify network congestion and impacted subscribers with purpose built analytics and intuitive dashboards
  • Perform what-if analysis on subscriber usage and utilization growth to identify future capacity needs

Actionable Subscriber Intelligence for Increased Revenue

Leverage subscriber usage trends to identify new product opportunities, create more impactful retention offers, and better target upsell campaigns.

  • Easily identify heavy users to target for upgrades and trials for higher ARPU
  • Provide retention teams with subscriber usage patterns and usage based retention plans to reduce churn
  • Integrate subscriber usage data into enterprise data warehouse and CRM systems for marketing campaign automation

Flexible Policy Enforcement

Create and enforce fair access policies to control service delivery, reduce network congestion, and enable new service models.

  • Manage data quotas with notifications at thresholds and network traffic management policies when subscribers exceed quotas
  • Identify when network congestion occurs and apply network traffic management policies based on user status and rate plan.
  • Create innovative broadband service with on-demand capabilities including Turbo Boost, Prepaid Broadband, and Free Broadband

Unrivaled Performance and Scalability

Acquire actionable broadband network intelligence with optimized IPDR collection and mediation across your entire network.

  • Efficiently collect IPDR streams and quickly mediate to subscriber ID
  • License based on subscribers, not throughput, for lower TCO
  • Deploy a clustered, redundant, distributed architecture for high availability and scale

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