Incognito vCPE Solution

Break free of legacy device limitations with virtualized CPE

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The Incognito vCPE solution is a revolutionary way for communication service providers to increase new product velocity, simplify customer care, empower end-user experiences, and become hardware vendor and access-network technology agnostic. Discover new ways to monetize your legacy CPE and lower support costs while gaining the ability to offer new service packages tailored to meet the needs of every customer.

Network and Device Agnostic

Reduce customer premises hardware dependencies and reinvigorate your legacy gateways with virtualized network functions that can be deployed to all your devices, regardless of hardware vendor. Operators may now offer a unified user experience across all network technologies include cable, DSL, and fiber.

Personalized Service Offerings

Rapidly launch new service offerings by eliminating the lengthy development and implementation cycles caused by hardware vendor requirements. New products offered to customers are rolled out and fulfilled without the need for lengthy planning cycles and device maintenance windows.

Monetize IP Services

Remember when you had to give new features away for free as part of locked-in firmware upgrades? With vCPE you can now gather new revenue from existing CPE with value-add subscription services such as parental controls, time of day, device-level usage, and quality control.

Improve QoE with Subscriber and Network Insights

Boost subscriber quality of experience and launch customized service enhancements with insight into user- and device-specific behaviors within the customer premises.

Empower Subscribers with Individualized Experiences

Optimize subscriber quality of experience by letting your end-users define which add-on subscriptions they want.

Simplify the Network

Unify processes for all your CPE by virtualizing some or all of the functions that are traditionally performed by the physical CPE. Automate processes for service delivery and fulfillment to decrease the risk of repeat service calls and truck rolls.

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Key Components


Build and control packages of virtualized apps for your vCPE subscribers. Orchestrator enables subscriber portals, analytics, and network provisioning platforms for a complete end-to-end solution.

Subscriber Portal

Give customers a complete view of their home and office networks with simple to follow steps for any service offered. Benefit from a unified subscriber experience, reduced support costs, and rapidly deployed physical modems without changing the customer experience.


Terminate thousands of virtual subscriber services within the operator network while supporting Cable, DSL, and Fiber networks simultaneously. vCPE offers a Subscriber Aware Interface enabling new subscriber-specific applications to be added to the solution as needed.