Remote management of TR-069, MQTT, and SNMP broadband devices.



Auto Configuration Server –
Platform Overview

The cornerstone of the Digital Home Experience Solution, Incognito Auto Configuration Server is a vendor-agnostic, software platform that manages and monitors devices over any network, including xDSL, fixed LTE, HFC, IoT and Fiber. By leveraging remote management protocols such as TR-069, SNMP, and MQTT, Incognito enables greater insight into the in-home network and other services, so you can deliver preemptive support, measure service quality and speed and QoS, and improve customer experience and QoE.


Simplify device provisioning and lifecycle management with advanced troubleshooting, device monitoring, and bulk operation capabilities that avoid truck rolls and reduce operational costs.

  • Supported device protocols—TR-069, SNMP, MQTT (IoT)
  • Manage residential gateways with filtering, forwarding, and QoS mapping capabilities
  • Easily perform bulk operations, such as firmware updates, client reboots, or parameters changes
  • Monitor and diagnose devices for pre-emptive support and advanced troubleshooting

Automated remote firmware management for mass updates.

  • Set automated maintenance periods to reduce subscriber service disruptions
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and address security concerns

Extend control to subscribers – reduce the burden on customer care.

  • Optional self-care widgets that give home users the ability to resolve technical issues and reduce the burden on customer care

Enhance QoE while reducing the burden on customer care and field engineering.

  • Reduce call handling time and truck rolls by empowering CSRs to remotely troubleshoot technical issues, with extensive automation to reduce manual errors and accelerate resolution

Key performance indicator monitoring.

  • Get visibility of network performance with real-time alerting and scheduled reporting
  • Configurable KPIs combine multiple data sets into a single business metric

Service quality management.

  • Monitor performance and gain visibility into the in-home network
  • Detect and prevent device issues, including network performance testing, active monitoring, per-device KPIs, visibility into nearby signal interference, and CPE management

Easily integrate with OSS/BSS systems.

  • Self-descriptive Web Services API for flexible integration, including northbound provisioning to monitoring system
  • Ensure OSS/BSS synchronization with automatic parameter reports to northbound systems
  • Store subscriber service information in LDAP or SQL database for ACS to fetch service class or device-specific parameter attributes directly

Customize ACS behaviour with extensive scripting capabilities to map your business logic into our platform.

  • Extensible high-performance Javascript platform
  • Integrated version control and debugging
  • Automate processes, and extend functionality via custom script for complex diagnostics, third-party systems calls, per-device KPIs

Achieve extended reliability and scalability with carrier-grade proven solution.

  • Provides maximum performance and scalability with a distributed architecture that supports network growth
  • Utilizes highly available synchronized configurations for failover redundancy
  • Leverage extensive functionality and performance without compromising scalability with unique architecture and scripting methods

Simplify device management.

  • Perform device-centric actions, monitor devices, and see all the devices behind a gateway through specialized KPI monitoring and administrative dashboards
  • Easily search through your device inventory
  • Organize customers with user-definable groups to apply consistent provisioning rules over service classes
  • Customize business logic with high-performance scripting


CSR Dashboard

Automates troubleshooting flow handling for CSRs—reboot, speed test, device scan. Extensive foundation for automation of hundreds of decision points with minimal manual intervention.


Service Quality Manager

Lightweight speed test using TR-143 protocol to test connection quality—upload, download. On-demand function—key to enable CSR troubleshooting.


KPI Dashboard

Aggregates service data from any part of the network—access network, home Wi-Fi. Normalizes data into service quality metrics aligned to business KPIs.


Self-care Widgets

Incognito widgets can be integrated into any existing self-service portal or app. Enables home subscribers to easily troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.


Test & Reporting Infrastructure

FCC Connect America II and A-CAM speed & latency test automation and reporting regulatory compliance.

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