Catalog-Driven Service Fulfillment

Catalog-Driven Service Fulfillment

Enhance QoE and Expedite the Fulfillment of a Rich Array of Services

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As the industry adapts to an ongoing data-services evolution, where multiple mergers and acquisitions create complicated and inflexible systems, sophisticated processes are holding communication service providers (CSPs) back from fulfilling quality-of-experience (QoE) expectations set by an increasingly demanding subscriber base. Network and device discrepancies between voice, video, data, and mobile services yield slower time-to-market for new and value-added services, while cumbersome back-end processes continuously raise OPEX for service providers everywhere.

Incognito Catalog-Driven Service Fulfillment

Incognito Service Fulfillment expedites the deployment and launch of rich service offerings with minimal human intervention to greatly reduce the likelihood of failed orders, disappointed customers, and lost revenue.

What could you achieve with a unified and automated quad-play service fulfillment solution?

Cut OPEX and Failed Orders

Cut OPEX and Failed Orders

Eliminate segregated silos and stop wasting time with multisystem mayhem. With network and device-agnostic end-to-end service orchestration, administrators and customer service representatives can activate subscriber services from one central location. Easily launch new product and service components, and seamlessly integrate multiple network stacks from business mergers and company acquisitions. Reduce the time and risk of failure for daily operational tasks by minimizing manual touches. This not only saves costs, it also frees up time for other work.

Plug Revenue Leaks and Reduce Subscriber Churn

Plug Revenue Leaks and Reduce Subscriber Churn

By eliminating segregated operational silos, you can reduce manual errors that cause order fallout and subscriber churn. Increase your fulfillment success rate with accurate provisioning and sophisticated error handling options that ensure you’re not wasting time and losing money on fault correction and lost business. Get rid of network and inventory discrepancies by accessing multiple network stacks from a single interface, and fulfill orders at rapid speed to strengthen your customers’ loyalty.

Exceed Customer QoE Expectations

Exceed Customer QoE Expectations

Your subscribers expect their new services to work right away. Accelerate device onboarding and activation time-to-deliver for every subscriber with automated, catalog-driven service fulfillment. Manage QoE with a platform that offers:

  • Granular services personalized to each customer’s needs
  • Multiple customer service channels that provide instantaneous automated configuration
  • Insight into device activation successes and automatic order failure escalation
  • Flexible self-service portals configured to the individual subscriber’s technical knowledge
Strengthen Revenue Streams

Strengthen Revenue Streams

Foster innovation and differentiate your services by providing marketing and business owners the ability to offer:

  • Adaptable customer services based on subscriber behaviours and usage patterns
  • Enterprise revenue opportunities with seamless service convergence between company headquarters and remote offices
  • A smoother transition to quad-play while minimizing MVNO costs by offloading mobile traffic onto your existing network

Stitch your network together with Incognito Catalog-Driven Fulfillment so you can:

  • Expedite the deployment of rich service offerings to all subscribers with automated end-to-end fulfillment
  • Eliminate revenue losses caused by network and inventory discrepancy with a consolidated solution platform
  • Optimize service fulfillment operations by simplifying administration and provisioning processes across multiple systems
  • Widen revenue streams by decreasing time-to-market for catalog-driven, value-added services
  • Satisfy enterprise customers by automating the management of the converged corporate/home office space
  • Save OPEX by reducing order fallout and issue correction time with sophisticated error handling

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