Device Fraud Protection

Device Fraud Protection

Detect and Prevent Device Fraud

Learn how one leading U.S. MSO reduced CPE fraud by 88% in less than three months.

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Research from the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) shows that globally, telecommunication providers lose nearly 2% of revenue to fraudulent activity each year, adding up to nearly $40billion in losses. Potential revenue loss is not the only issue — surging bandwidth traffic can also increase network congestion and negatively affect legitimate customers.

How can you protect your business in this complex environment?

Incognito Comprehensive Device Fraud Protection

Regain control with comprehensive revenue intelligence designed specifically for communication service providers. Incognito approaches fraud protection from multiple fronts to protect you from:

  • Lost revenue from hackers and device cloning
  • DHCP denial of service attacks that disrupt network availability
  • Increased bandwidth congestion impacting legitimate customers

Easily identify spoofed devices with a comprehensive fraud protection solution that can detect, block, and stop future access from fraudulent devices on your network. Incognito Fraud Protection gives you the ability to identify potential CPE fraud, filter out legitimate node splits or other use cases, and automatically trigger events based on your requirements. Develop smarter business processes and audit existing workflows with a professional services consultation.

Where are your revenue losses coming from — and how can you stop them?

CPE Fraud

CPE Fraud

Detect and investigate potentially cloned devices to immediately block revenue leaks such as device spoofing, theft of service, or illegal speed boosts.

  • Quickly identify fraudulent devices gaining access from multiple services with visibility into leases and historical records across your network
  • Immediately block potential revenue leaks with configurable procedures, whether it is to stop service completely, send the device to a walled garden, or immediately restrict bandwidth speed
  • Prevent cloning or subscription fraud with dynamic, time-based encryption
  • Filter out legitimate cases (such as node splits) as required
  • Easily track leases and identify spoofing with IP limiting, anti-roaming, and a centralized lease service
  • Export reports on potential rogue devices for simplified reporting
DHCP Denial of Service Attacks

DHCP Denial of Service Attacks

Increase the availability of your device provisioning solution with protection against DHCP DoS attacks. Incognito safeguards your network by automatically detecting devices related to an attack, then dropping all associated DHCP traffic.

This decreases network vulnerability and reduces the risk of downtime for your legitimate subscribers while ensuring that you have visibility into where these issues have occurred.

Resource Visibility

Resource Visibility

A central repository of lease data makes it easier to track and manage IP addresses on your network, reducing manual processes and the chance of errors from costing you money:

  • Map IP addresses to MAC addresses and vice versa so that administrators can quickly associate subscribers to devices and obtain lease history
  • Configure different levels of access for different roles and enable reporting procedures
  • Audit existing business processes and determine where workflows can be improved

Incognito delivers comprehensive protection against device fraud for communication service providers:

  • Detect and investigate cloned devices to block CPE fraud
  • Deliver secure file transfers with dynamic file configuration
  • Filter out legitimate use cases, such as node splits
  • Deploy dynamic, time-based encryption provisioning for anti-cloning and subscription fraud
  • Gain insight quickly with an easy-to-use user interface

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