Training Program

Located in a historic area of downtown Vancouver, the Incognito Training Center offers a high-quality comprehensive training course to address a range of proficiencies on Incognito device provisioning products.

Incognito training programs are designed to create and verify a high level of competency among support professionals, system administrators, and technical operational staff.

Come to Vancouver and learn from the best while enjoying all the sights that the city has to offer. Our team has decades of experience with DHCP, IPAM, and DNS. We also play an important role in implementing and contributing to new protocols and standards such as SIP, DOCSIS 3.0, and IPv6. You will come away from the course with a new technical understanding of device provisioning software operations.

Below is a sample five-day agenda for our standard Broadband Command Center training. We also offer training other products in our portfolio. For more information on these sessions, download our Comprehensive Training Packages brochure.

Broadband Command Center Training

  • Day 1 – BCC Introduction, DOCSIS Provisioning Overview, Basic HSD Provisioning, Troubleshooting
  • Day 2 – Subscriber Management, PacketCable MTA Provisioning, SIP MTA Overview
  • Day 3 – BCC Best Practices, Recommended Configurations, Troubleshooting Tools
  • Day 4 – Advanced Features, Advanced HSD Provisioning, SIP MTA Provisioning
  • Day 5 – Advanced Troubleshooting, Optional Topics (LDAP Integration, Migration Planning, SIP Provisioning 5.5)