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Focus Forward in 2020 with a virtual workshop series from Incognito

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Welcome to Incognito's virtual workshop series designed exclusively for Electrodata. During these times of limited travel and face-to-face interaction, it's important we come together to navigate ways to stay connected.

I would like to invite you to join us for an exclusive workshop series focused on helping you drive operational efficiency for broadband services and unlock new revenue streams by extending into new lines of business. Learn more about our programs below, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Julio Alonzo, CALA Sales Director

What will you get out of this workshop?

The Focus Forward Virtual Workshop Series from Incognito Software Systems Inc. offers our partners a full program of inspiration and enablement—available completely online through a dedicated session.

Each workshop in this series will involve engaging presentations, real-world use cases, and open discussions with Incognito technical experts. Attendees will leave each workshop with practical and actionable tips tailored to their organization. Gain new insights on ways to manage broadband usage and better serve your customers with sessions that cover how to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and control costs
  • Drive revenue by extending into new lines of business like IoT and business services
  • Protect valuable broadband resources from theft of service
  • Appeal to cash-strapped customers with new service models
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Making the Most of Subscriber Data – Manage Costs and Reduce Congestion

Service providers have a wealth of data about their subscribers, such as how and when they use services, but face challenges in accessing the data, what data they can trust, as well as how and when to put it to use. Instead of waiting to build out their own platforms, many operators are leveraging external data analytics platforms to monetize their subscriber data, launch new services faster, and transform end-to-end customer experience.

In this 60-minute session, we will explore how operators can monetize data analytics today, and seamlessly evolve to support the use cases of tomorrow. Join this session to find out how operators can identify heavy users on their fiber or cable network to reduce costs, leverage subscriber metering to identify key target segments and offer differentiated services and promotions that let customers enjoy a digital experience at the next service tier, and utilize data collected from the DOCSIS network to identify saturated network components and unhealthy devices and nodes.

Presenter: Mauro Di Fluri – Director, Monetization and Analytics

Enabling Business Services for Fiber

The global market for metro ethernet services is estimated at nearly $30 billion in service revenues and poised to grow at 14% per year through to 2025. It’s not surprising that many broadband providers want to improve enterprise service agility and better serve their enterprise customers.

This 45-minute session will cover the key capabilities and features of Incognito's solution and how it can help your customers modernize metro ethernet connectivity, as well as automate the provisioning of E-Line and E-LAN services to derive significant operational savings. The Incognito solution can complement existing legacy OSS fulfillment and provisioning systems by automating end-to-end processes with a focus on reducing manual tasks and errors. The session will also showcase case studies and will explore how you can quantify operational savings for your customers.

Presenter: Ronan Bracken – Director, SAC Product Management

Set your customer's experience bar higher with Incognito

As operators continue to battle for customer loyalty, the key differentiator to help brands to distinguish themselves and stay profitable is the ability to provide subscribers with consistent and enhanced quality of experiences (QoE). An increase in connected devices, spurred on by smart home automation is pressurizing operators to proactively resolve even more in-home technical issues, optimize wi-fi, and manage the unmanaged devices, like Wi-Fi extenders and home security systems, effectively.

This session will introduce you to Incognito’s suite of digital experience solutions which enable operators to boost customer experience and improve operational efficiencies. Get a firsthand look at the newest functions that will be available with Auto Configuration Server release 5.0 including a new and intuitive CSR user interface, new call logs, and usage metrics to improve your understanding of CSR engagement, such as average call handling time and first call resolution rates, and provide new tools to proactive measure service quality.

The 60-minute session will also introduce Incognito's Digital Experience Solution 2.0 which provides the next evolution in digital experience management. It brings standards-based User Services Platform (TR-369) support, which offers new tools to proactively improve the digital experience, better manage residential services, and drive new revenue streams faster.

Presenter: Jeevithan Muttu – Director, ACS Product Management

What's Next?

To discuss potential workshop opportunities, contact us or send an email to julio.alonzo@incognito.com.