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Focus Forward in 2020 with a virtual workshop series from Incognito

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Welcome to Incognito's virtual workshop series designed exclusively for Globe Telecom. During these times of limited travel and face-to-face interaction, it's important we come together to navigate ways to stay connected.

I would like to invite you to join us for an exclusive workshop series focused on helping you drive operational efficiency for broadband services and unlock new revenue streams by extending into new lines of business. Learn more about our programs below, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Patrick Tsang, APAC Sales Director

What will you get out of this workshop?

The Focus Forward Virtual Workshop Series from Incognito Software Systems Inc. offers our customers a full program of inspiration and enablement—available completely online through a dedicated session.

Each workshop in this series will involve engaging presentations, real-world use cases, and open discussions with Incognito technical experts. Attendees will leave each workshop with practical and actionable tips tailored to their organization. Gain new insights on ways to manage broadband usage, protect your employees, and better serve your customers with sessions that cover how to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and control costs
  • Enhance the digital experience of the subscribers
  • Monetizing subscriber data 
  • Use 5G to introduce new use cases
  • Drive revenue by extending into new lines of business like IoT and business services
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Business Opportunities Enabled by User Services Platform

The connected home complexity continues to accelerate with increasing Wi-Fi enabled devices being introduced putting pressure on service providers to support a growing device ecosystem. The Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP) provides a standards-based approach to enable Wi-Fi optimization, mesh networking, virtualized services, home IoT, and actionable insights. Find out how service providers plan to leverage USP for new business opportunities.

Presenters: Jeevithan Muttu – Director, ACS Product Management and Liam Clark – USP Program Manager

ACS 5.0 – What's in it for You?

Get the latest update on new functions that will be available with Auto Configuration Server release 5.0, including a new and intuitive CSR user interface, new usage metrics and call logs to improve your understanding of device metrics and performance, and new tools to proactive measure service quality.

Presenter: Jeevithan Muttu – Director, ACS Product Management

Wi-Fi Optimization – Joint Incognito and EmbedUR Solution

Incognito has partnered with embedded firmware specialist EmbedUR to deliver a holistic approach to home Wi-Fi optimization. This session will address key use cases such as Wi-Fi channel tuning, dead-zone detection, and auto-optimization with an embedded agent on the CPE.

Presenter: Jeevithan Muttu – Director, ACS Product Management

Capitalizing on Enterprise IoT in 2020: Incognito has you covered

Enterprise IoT is gaining significant traction with more than 75% of global operators planning to invest in IoT services within the next 12-24 months to accelerate new sources of revenue in smart cities, utilities, and industrial markets. Automation, remote device management, vendor neutrality, and the ability to offer business intelligence applications are top of mind to ensure IoT service quality, improve operational efficiency, and capitalize on this global opportunity.

This session will showcase global service provider perspectives on the enterprise IoT opportunity. It will cover how Incognito can enable service providers to verticalize their approach to multiple enterprise customers from a single platform, with an operationally efficient approach that also maximizes service quality.

Presenter: Jeevithan Muttu – Director, ACS Product Management

5G Network Provisioning and Orchestration for Essential Services

As operators strive to meet and exceed the emerging requirements from a wide range of enterprises, 5G network slicing opens up new avenues for monetizing the network. While much of the conversations with regard to 5G are around speed and bandwidth, the use of 5G provides access to many different use cases such as uRLLC (ultra Reliable, Low Latency Connection), eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband), and eMTC (enhance Machine Type Communication) which can apply across many industries such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, electric vehicles, gaming, social networking, AR/VR, teleconferencing, and emergency services to deliver service continuity. 5G network slicing provisioning and orchestration will be essential for rapid service turn-up of mission-critical applications, ensuring prioritized traffic, and assured and available connectivity.

This 45-minute session showcases provisioning use cases addressing service and resource catalog definitions, and automated business process flows activating multiple 5G network slices, serving the differing connectivity needs for emergency services, public safety, and IoT. Join Incognito to learn best practices in allocating and configuring 5G network resources with service orchestration and automated fulfillment.

Presenter: Ronan Bracken – Director, Product Management, SAC

What's Next?

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