Name Commander

Domain Management System

Maximize resources with integrated IP and DNS management

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Name Commander is a domain management system that enables the easy management of large numbers of BIND and controlled name servers.

Centralize DNS Management

Manage all DNS records and BIND options shared between a virtually unlimited number of zones.

Ensure Data Integrity

Preserve the validity of data with user audits, login protection, and access control lists.

Maximize Efficiency with Distributed Management

Let divisions of customers manage their own domains and resources as required.

Future-Proof Your Business

Allow for growth with scalable deployments, distributed service loads, and the ability to manage unlimited name servers.

Minimize Manual Tasks

Monitor system changes with automatic, real-time propagation of zone and resource record changes.

Download case study

Case Study: Integrated IP and DNS for Efficient Resource Management

Key Components

User Management System

The middle-tier between management clients, as well as user and organizational information stored in the central database.

Domain Management Service

Responsible for domain management and IP management-related projects.

Synchronization Service

Acts as an intermediary between Name Commander management components and the controlled name servers ensuring that the contents of the database are propagated.

Name Service Controller

Provides the means by which the synchronization service directly manipulates the BIND controlled name servers.

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