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Employee Spotlight

Incognito Employee Spotlight: Paul Mizgala
By Tudor Robins on June 9, 2022

Working in an interesting domain with a great team to help real users is what Paul Mizgala likes about his work at Incognito.

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Industrial Internet of Things – What's in it for CSPs?
By Tudor Robins on June 1, 2022

Increasing productivity. Enhancing efficiency. Avoiding downtime. Achieving operational visibility. Optimizing scheduling. Reducing costs.

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Employee Spotlight

Incognito Employee Spotlight: Benjamin Lee
By Tudor Robins on May 19, 2022

"Challenging, friendly, and flexible" are the three words Benjamin Lee uses to describe working at Incognito in this second entry in our "Employee Spotlight" blog series.

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Device Management User Services Platform

What Value does TR-069 and TR-369 Offer? | Part 1
By Tudor Robins on May 3, 2022

What is TR-069? Although the Broadband Forum first published TR-069 in 2004, and most consumers probably have several devices in their home that use it daily, many people have still never...

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Awards / Announcements IoT

Incognito's IoT Platform Named 2022 Industrial IoT Product of the Year
By Tudor Robins on April 21, 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. And much as IoT has transformed our homes, IIoT (industrial IoT) is changing the way workplaces function and helping determine whether they...

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Employee Spotlight

Incognito Employee Spotlight: Duygu Taylan
By Tudor Robins on April 12, 2022

"Innovative, global, and diverse" are the three words Duygu Taylan uses to describe Incognito, but they apply equally well to our company's amazing workforce.

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Best Practices DOCSIS

Alleviate DOCSIS Migration Pains with Incognito's Help
By Sonya Goodanetz on March 21, 2022

Whether you're a large operator serving millions of devices or a growing operator with thousands of subscribers; whether you're considering a complete DOCSIS migration or an...

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Service Orchestration

The Wholesale Challenge and Incognito's Service Orchestration Answer
By Tudor Robins on November 22, 2021

Introduction The wholesale, open-access approach to service delivery is increasingly prevalent in markets across the world. It makes sense as many operators don't have the means, or desire,...

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DOCSIS 4.0: What It Means for Your Business and How Incognito Can Help
By Tudor Robins on November 1, 2021

DOCSIS 4.0—touted as the foundation to 10G and next-generation cable services—is real, it's coming, and, like all innovations, it brings opportunities and challenges.

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Awards / Announcements

Incognito Receives Industry Recognition for Innovation
By Tudor Robins on October 12, 2021

Innovation. At Incognito, it's something we aspire to for ourselves and promise to our customers. We also recognize that innovation on its own is not enough. We need to ensure our solutions...

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